Beauty Secrets That Are More Than Just Skin-Deep From Dr. Kiran Lohia on CNBC-TV18 Style Guide

Beauty Secrets That Are More Than Just Skin-Deep From Dr. Kiran Lohia on CNBC-TV18 Style Guide

Beauty Secrets That Are More Than Just Skin-Deep From Dr. Kiran Lohia on CNBC-TV18 Style Guide

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This article is based on a recent article published in HT, BUSINESS STANDARD, DAILY WORLD, BFIRST & NERVE

Men can now walk in equal stride with women when it comes to looking good, well-groomed and gorgeous all the time. As the saying goes, ‘’brain and beauty go hand-in-hand’’, more and more men are turning metro-sexual these days. Read what the New York based, popular celebrity skin specialist Dr. Kiran Lohia and Ankit Khurana, the founder of the aesthetic appBeYouPlus, have revealed about beauty myths related to men:

1st Myth: Men’s skin is oily, so no need for moisturizing
Yes, you read it right! Men often suffer from oily skin due to inadequate hydration. Many spend most of the day outside the home for work and without adequate hydration. Their skin tries to overcompensate by producing more oil. This leads to breakouts and clogged pores in the skin. Hence, there is no point in using greasy creams and ointments. Instead, liquids, gels and serums work the best in restoring the freshness of your look.

2nd Myth: Shaving your chest is great
Men find rippling muscle complemented by a bare chest as the epitome of masculinity. A bare chest is good, but shaving your chest has many side effects. It may give you rashes and induce faster hair growth. For men seeking a hair-free chest, their best bet is laser hair removal.

3rd Myth: Aesthetic care is meant only for girls
Nowadays, more and more men are choosing to go under the knife. From blepharoplasty to facelift, men are resorting to cosmetic surgery for a complete makeover.

4th Myth: Men need to wash their face more often, at least three to four times a day
The truth is, the more you wash your face, the drier the skin becomes, thus encouraging the oil glands to produce even more oil. This forces you to wash your face repeatedly, therefore stimulating your oil glands. Because of this, it is advised that men should restrict washing their face twice daily with a pH balanced cleanser only.

5th Myth: Using regular soap for washing the face is a good way of cleaning
This is absolutely wrong since using body soap for your skin can dry it immensely. Body soap is harsh, making your face irritated, drier and susceptible to allergies, acne and zits.

6th Myth: No shaving cream or gel is required for shaving
The truth is dry shaves can cause the skin to become stretchy, dry, irritable and rough. The best advice is to use a gentle cleansing lotion, apply it on the required area and then shave the hair in the opposite direction of growth.

7th Myth: Men don’t need sunscreen at home
When indoors, the hard UVA and UVB rays cause short-term and long-term damage to your skin. Therefore, it is advised to use sunblock even when staying indoors.

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