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Dr. Kiran Sethi, a leading Skin & Wellness Specialist from USA has treated multiple people for acne problems at her clinic, Isya Aesthetics. She is one of the leading Skin Expert, providing best acne treatment in Delhi with proven results through diet and lifestyle recommendations, and various treatments like Acne Defense, Neo facial lasers, peels, and US FDA approved technology for safe acne removal.

Dealing with acne is one of the most pressing beauty issues, and it’s also surprisingly common. Acne usually occurs when excessive oil and dead skin clog up your skin’s pores. It’s also aggravated by external factors like our diet, stress, pollution and hormones.

Women who suffer from PCOS are more likely to see zits pop up on their face (or even the body) due to high levels of male hormones or an imbalance in their hormones.

Sometimes, even the make-up or skincare products we use are comedogenic in nature and clog our pores, leading to this troublesome skin condition. Whiteheads, blackheads, blemishes and zits are all forms of acne.

We are also seeing more and more acne in adults nowadays, and we believe this has strongly got to do with our stressful lifestyles, pollution and the hormone and toxin-laden foods that we eat that.

Acne often leaves behind scars and marks, that can make the skin look bumpy and uneven, or sometimes even red and angry.

If you want to treat the red, angry pimples or get rid of the marks, be assured that Isya Aesthetics has a treatment for you.

Treatment Options

Topical medication

Oral Medication

Acne Defense

Neo Facial

Infuse Me

Vita Facial

Teen Spirit

Elixir by HydraFacial MD


Acne FAQs

The most common symptoms of acne, of course, are the pimples and bumps that show up on your skin. Pimples, blackheads and whiteheads that form into pus-filled bumps and red, irritated bumps are often the most noticeable signs of acne.

Often, acne first starts to seem noticeable only to the person dealing with it as a raised bump or bumps under your skin, emerging and coming to head a few days later.

If your acne is caused due to your menstrual cycle, you need not see a dermatologist immediately. Also, if you notice acne cropping up due to a change in the weather conditions (the onset of summer or monsoon), a few changes in your skincare routine can sort you out.

However, if you notice persistent acne, and the kind that is painful and leaving scars with no known external factor affecting your skin, it’s time you see a dermatologist.

In any case, if you’re someone who is bothered by even a couple of random acne spots, you can always book a consultation with us at Isya and we can help you understand what’s causing it and how you can treat it.

Some of the most common causes of acne include:

  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Combination or oily skin type
  • Genetic predisposition
  • Bacterial infection
  • Hot, humid weather
  • Dead skin buildup
  • Unhealthy diet
  • Dairy intolerance

The good news is that pregnancy acne is the same type as regular acne. The bad news is, well, it’s still acne. Pregnancy comes with its own ups and downs and the fact that pregnancy acne is a thing doesn’t make matters easier.

Read about the reasons of acne during pregnancy, how you can cure it with simple home remedies & also learn about the drugs that are safe to use during pregnancy.

Myths related to acne

As is the case with most things in life, a lot of people like to self-diagnose and make assumptions about a health condition without any concrete proof.

These false statements take their own life in their circles and turn into myths that people believe without doing their own research. Some of the most common myths about acne are:

Myth: You don’t need to hydrate your skin if you have acne

While skin dealing with acne is actively producing more oil than normal, it is also dehydrated. Your skin still needs hydration using a lightweight moisturiser that is also non-comedogenic.

Myth: You can’t suffer from acne as an adult

While acne is a more common concern in your teenage years, it can very well follow you into adulthood or even occur in your 30s for the first time due to hormonal changes.

Myth: Washing your face too many times reduces acne

Overwashing your face in the hopes of reducing your acne can further dry it out, worsening the situation. Stick to washing your face twice a day and using lightweight, anti-acne products over the course of the day.

Myth: Popping your pimples will reduce acne from occurring

As tempting as it may be to burst a pimple that refuses to leave your face, you’re actually causing more trouble. Physically popping an acne bump can lead to scarring that takes even longer to leave your skin.

Plus, constantly touching the area around your acne can lead to further bacterial infection and cause new zits to arise.

Myth: Home remedies like toothpaste and baking soda can help heal acne bumps

Using home remedies such as the above will dry your skin and can even leave burn marks due to aggravation and irritation. Stick to dermatologist prescribed medication when treating concerns like acne.

Myth: Exfoliating your skin reduces acne

Exfoliation may seem like a quick way to reduce dead cells and oil but it can aggravate your skin and worsen active acne. Stay away from exfoliators and use gel-based cleansers to keep your skin clean and bacteria-free instead.

Complications that can occur when treating acne
One of the most common complications that can occur when treating acne is scarring. You want to make sure that you see a dermatologist, especially if your acne is moderate to severe, to heal the acne safely and prevent deeper scars from forming by using intensive treatments yourself. It’s likely that your skin may also be sensitive when you’re treating it for acne due to the medication that severe acne requires. This is why it’s important to consult with a dermatologist to treat it correctly and in the safest way possible.

Treatments for acne

Acne is one of the most common skin concerns that Indian women, men and children face due to our hot and humid climate. Of course, there are a lot of other causes of acne as well and it can range from mild to severe cases.

Extensive research by dermatologists and skin experts over the years has led to the discovery and development of multiple treatments to cure and heal acne.

The different types of treatments for acne include topical medication, oral medication and in-clinic treatments, a combination of which is used depending on the severity of the case.

Topical medication

Topical medication for acne essentially includes gels, serums and spot treatments. Each of these are infused with ingredients like active ingredients like salicylic acid, azelaic acid, lactic acid, benzoyl peroxide or retinol (or a combination of them), to target the acne causing bacteria.

Spot treatments are available in day and night variations, especially in the case of targeted pimple patches. Your dermatologist can help you choose the right acne treatment after evaluating the reasons for your zits.

Oral medication

Oral medication is mostly resorted to for acne in severe cases. Isotretinoin is one of the most popular prescription drugs to treat persistent cases of acne that don’t seem to go away with topical medication and lifestyle changes.

Due to the strength of the drug, it’s only advised to be used when prescribed and only for the duration it is prescribed. Do not buy over-the-counter pills to treat acne—always check with your dermatologist first.


Try it if: You need to treat troublesome spots and clear your skin

How does it work?

Our Acne Spot Peel and Acne Erase Peel are super effective when it comes to attacking acne-causing bacteria and reducing oil secretion.

Try the former, which is a favourite with celebrities and partygoers, to treat big, unexpected zits in just 1-3 days.

It works on the full face to cleanse, exfoliate and purify pores, giving you a deep cleanse and sloughs off damaged skin.

The need to knows:

  • Budget-friendly
  • Multiple sessions required
  • Combine with other treatments for best results (+ 15 mins)

What are the after effects?

  • Temporary: Redness, Dryness, Sun sensitivity
  • 1 week: Aggravated acne due to skin purging

Ideal for: Any age group and gender

Acne Defense

Try it if: You need to get rid of acne quickly

How does it work?

Innovated by Dr.Sethi, Acne Defense, the ultimate treatment in acne therapy works hard to get rid of those troublesome zits in no time. The intense 7-step ritual helps to cleanse every pore to treat and prevent acne in the future. It involves cleansing and exfoliation of skin, followed by extraction of blackheads and grime from pores. We then use LED light therapy to fight acne-causing bacteria and a metabolic peeling to deep cleanse all those zits out.

This is because our experts know that acne just isn’t on your skin, it’s under it too. And Acne Defense will help purge all those hidden zits for acne-free skin real quick. At Isya, we’ll also customize your treatment to match your skin type and gender.

The need to knows:

This one-hour session, spaced every 2-4 weeks, can accelerate the healing of acne and prevent it from occurring again. Typically, it requires about 2-4 sessions for best results and there is no machine or laser involved.

What are the after effects?

You may experience dryness for about 2-7 days post the treatment. This treatment also purges the skin of toxins so you may see some of the acne under the skin coming out.

This is a good sign because your skin needs purging. Without purging, acne takes longer to clean out.

Ideal for: Men, Women and Teens.

Neo Facial

Try it if: You need to bust acne

How does it work?

There’s nothing more annoying than a zit that pops up at untimely occasions. But you can count on this non-intrusive laser to kill acne-causing bacteria that contributes to your skin woes.

It also solves the problem from the root by reducing sebum production, and thereby reduces the chances of a breakout in the future. What more could a girl really want?

The need to knows:

  • Duration: 15 minutes
  • Non-intrusive
  • Painless
  • No numbing required
  • 4-6 sessions every fortnight/month

What are the after effects?

  • No downtime
  • Healthy Glow
  • Tight Pores
  • Slight acne aggravation before healing

Ideal for: Men & Women

Infuse Me

Best suitable for:  Men and women with dryness, pigmentation, textural issues or large pores

Try it if: You want pure and baby soft skin

How does it work?

Ever touched a new born baby’s cheeks and wished for the same skin? Now with Infuse Me, you can get as close as possible to cushiony skin. We use a micro-needling skin pen to create small channels in the skin that help us infuse serums and actives as per your skin concern (glow, pigmentation, anti-ageing, hydration).

Because the micro-needling pen also creates small, invisible injuries on the skin surface, it triggers the production of baby collagen, to heal from the trauma.  A liquid gold mist is sprayed with oxygen to infuse brightening actives that are mixed with 24k gold for an extra glow boost.

Talk about 24 karat magic in the air! The result is glowing, supple and younger looking skin that everyone will want to touch!

The need to knows:

Try this monthly to revitalize and reverse the ageing process. Infuse Me can also be combined with laser facials or express facials too!

What are the after effects?

Mild redness may occur an hour after the treatment. Rarely, mild scabs or scratch marks that are almost invisible to the eye may occur and fall off in a few days.


Preventive Care

Vita Facial

Try it if: You need a deep cleanse for your skin

How does it work?

This 6-step maintenance medi-facial is designed to get rid of grime and dirt from your pores, improve skin health and impart an instant glow. In fact, Harper’s Bazaar India names it as the best facial in India! It starts with an oscillating exfoliation to get rid of all the gross pore obstruction. Then, your therapist performs a micro pore exfoliation to individually target blocked pores through the American method of extraction that is gentle and leaves no marks. It also involves an ultrasonic spatula for blackhead removal to make sure each pore is squeaky clean. The extraction is followed by our proprietary glow treatments, which add luminescence to your skin and removes any tanning. Afterwards, we use US FDA-approved skin stimulation sciences to improve blood circulation, delivering that rosy healthy glow that you have always wanted.

At the end, we use an oat complex mask for sensitive skin that is delivered using cryosticks. Finally, a customised treatment for your skin type is combined with a soothing facial massage, improving the delivery of skin vitamins to get your skin back to top condition.

The need to knows:

Vita Facial is great as a clean-up facial that can be done monthly.

What are the after effects?

No real downtime, but rarely a little inflammation may occur if there has been a tough extraction. Sometimes, you might experience a little dryness too.

Ideal for: Men and women

Teen Spirit

Try it if: You’ve got blackheads or acne-prone skin

How does it work?

The teenage years aren’t just the toughest ones for moms­–they’re also super hard for the skin. With all the pollution and changing hormones, our 13 to 19-year-old young adults can become more susceptible to blackheads and grimy pores, that often lead to the lifelong issue of acne.

Our gentle facial is designed just to prevent this plaguing issue. It starts off with a gentle double cleanse and is followed by an oxygen-infused pore cleansing to purify the deeper layers of the skin.

We also use ultrasound spatula to get rid of pesky blackheads and also use natural ozone oxygen to kill any bacteria on the surface to prevent zits.

This is followed by a gentle healing facial massage and a specially blended customized mask made with antiseptic mint extract and marine algae that’s just right for young skin. Now, they will feel like they’re in the perfect teenage dream!

The need to knows:

This facial can be super-efficient when done monthly, or bi-monthly for sensitive skin.

What are the after effects?

No downtime, machines or peels–just simple care with no post-care required for our young clients.

Ideal for: Teenagers with acne-prone skin

Elixir by HydraFacial MD

Try it if: You can see the blackheads on your sensitive skin

How does it work?

Blackheads that are neglected for too long are the primary cause of acne. The HydraFacial vacuum painlessly sucks out the gunk from your pores, reducing the formation of blackheads and thereby the formation of acne in the future.

It also helps to reduce the production of sebum in the skin–which means it protects and prevents breakouts. Double win!

The need to knows:

  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Immediate results
  • Hydration
  • Glow
  • Can be done monthly

What are the after effects?


Ideal for: Men, Women and Teens


Just as dreamy as it sounds, the best thing about cloud skin is that you can now get that perfect, lit-from-within glow using the magic of air!

Try it if:  You want to nourish, revitalize and revamp your skin deeply without any needles

How does it work? 

Cloudskin uses the power of air to infuse nourishing actives into the skin and scalp. The best part is that it requires no needles to go as deep as 1.5cm into the skin, making it possible for your skin to achieve great results and intense nourishment, with no needles and no pain. The technology of using the power of pressurized air is what is behind the name Cloud skin as we work to create a cloud that makes your skin smoother, calmer, better, and brighter while addressing all your skin concerns and issues.

This dreamy, painless treatment can be used for almost every skin and scalp concern ranging from glow, pigmentation, acne, and anti-aging, to hydration. For better hair health, we also use this cloud technology to infuse growth actives into the scalp. We can even plump and brighten your lips and improve the eyelids and under eye area with this innovative technology!

At Isya, we believe in offering bespoke solutions. So we have developed our own protocol of cloud skin in order to give you long-lasting results that make your skin healthier, better, fresher, and younger over time.

What you need to know:

Cloud skin takes about 30-45 mins per session depending on the area. Typically, we recommend 8 sessions of cloud skin for every condition with one session a week preferably. For busy bees, 1 session in 2 weeks is also possible.

In case your concern is acne, we recommend 2 sessions a week for 4 sessions followed by the remaining sessions undertaken once per week.

What are the after-effects?

Every step is safe, comfortable, and just wonderful as cloud skin leaves your skin looking brighter with measurable improvements in every skin concern possible. There are no side effects, no downtime, and no pain. Little irritation or redness can occur for a day in case you decide to go stronger.


We recommend this a great treatment for brides as it can nourish all the neglected body parts like your neck, chest, hands, tummy, and back which we fail to give attention to. The goal is to give your skin better nutrition in a completely pain-free manner.

Back, chest, tummy, arms – show off your body in your wedding lehenga

Fun Fact: For those of you who want a gentle pink lip plump without injections, CloudSkin combined with our CL4D LIP protocol is for you! 


Treating acne in children

In children and teenagers, their skin starts to show the result of hormonal changes, also known as puberty. This often leads to excess oil production and hair growth, and the former often leads to acne.

If ignored and not treated under expert supervision, the scars from teenage acne can stay on their skin for years to come. If your child is battling acne, reach out to us at Isya and allow us to help heal your child’s acne in the safest way possible.

Skincare to prevent acne

Make sure you use a gel-based face cleanser, pore-clearing toner, lightweight moisturiser and a detoxifying face mask as part of your skincare routine.

It’s best to stay away from oil-based products (unless your dermatologist recommends a specific one made for your concern) and anything that may leave your skin greasy. Look out for the non-comedogenic label when deciding on over-the-counter products for your skincare routine.

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