Cellulite Reduction

Cellulite Reduction Treatment in Delhi

Transform: is the best treatment to get rid of this stubborn fat/cellulite from thighs, arms & back  

Treatment Options



Treatment Options


Try it if: You want to get rid of stubborn cellulite

How does it work?

Everybody hates those orange peel-like dimples on the skin. Women are most prone to them on the thighs, buttocks and sometimes on the abdomen area. Our Transform treatment is a non-invasive technique that helps get rid of inches and reduces the appearance of cellulite.

It involves four different technologies, namely 4D Bipolar Radio Frequency, Infrared Energy, Mechanical Tissue manipulation using Pulsed Vacuum and massage rollers for lymphatic drainage.

Essentially, the high frequency waves cause frictional heat due to exchange of ions, increase the body temperature and expand the arteries and capillaries to improve blood, nutrient and oxygen supply. It also boosts collagen, making the skin more resilient, tighter, and making that dimply skin disappear.

This results in instant inch loss, reduced cellulite and a toned appearance.Great for toned skin before a beach vacation, don’t you think?

The need to knows:

The results are immediate and improve within a week. You must dedicate 1-2 days in a week for a period of 8 sessions to achieve best results.

What are the after effects?

None, this is super safe, non-invasive and effective for all genders.

No downtime, just sometimes some broken blood vessels on treated area that disappear in a few days.


Due to our lifestyles and diet, some of our bodies are prone to retaining water. This often leads to bloating, cellulite and dimply skin. Our lymphatic system is responsible for disposing these fluids from our body, but sometimes the system tends to work slower and cause the aforementioned issues.

With Lymphastim, a special body suit worn by patients provides a gentle mechanical body massage that encourages natural circulation of lymph, that helps remove fluids that cause bloating, from the body.

It eliminates all toxins, reduces inflammation, promotes circulation aids weight loss and helps to reduce varicose veins. It’s also used to treat cellulite, varicose veins and heavy-legs syndrome. PS: you can also try this for post-workout relief!

The need to knows:

A 45-90-minute session, repeated once every 1-2 weeks, is just right to see the best effects.

None. However, you may need to visit the washroom more frequently for a few hours following the treatment to get rid of the toxins.

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