IV Drop Bar

We have the only IV infusion lounge in the country.

Replete with a TV to watch, music to listen to, recliner chairs and an ensuite nurse to handle your every need, at Isya Aesthetics, you are getting a Drip Bar with every kind of infusion you can imagine!

A fave in Dubai, New York and Los Angeles, actors, actresses and musicians like Rihanna and Adele are getting infusions to keep their energy up, to get rid of dehydration, to boost their glow or even for slimming!

And for the absolute ultimate all in one infusion, Isya Aesthetics has the Magic Markle, named after our idol Meghan Markle, to boost immunity, energy, neurocognitive functioning, metabolism, and your skin and hair rejuvenation!

Treatment Options

THIRSTY (Hydration)

SLIM (Fitness Boost)


IV Vitamin Drips

Dr. Kiran was the first to bring IV infusions of vitamin water in Delhi in 2016 and is a fav of Grazia, Elle and Vogue. A huge craze in the west with celebs like Rihanna and Adele, we collaborated with doctors and nurses from UPenn, and created a list of infusions designed to boost your immunity, make you glow, promote wellness and even cure a hangover!

We have a fully trained doctors and nurses who administer and monitor each infusion. Unlike other IV infusion clinics, we only use pure vitamins, minerals, enzymes and nutrients in our IV, IM and Micro-Injection formulas. Our gentle injection techniques ensure that we do not need to administer painkillers nor steroids along with treatments.

Additionally, our practitioners benefit from an in-depth knowledge of pharmacology, which in turn allows us to form bespoke treatment plans and also identify whether any medication taken by the client can negatively affect their ability to absorb vitamins.

We also have an array of boosters to add onto your infusions to improve your results on everything from energy, glow, immunity, detox to hair growth!

Treatment Option


Your fast, convenient alternative to drinking 8+ glasses of water a day. The BASIC infusion will provide you with1 litre of fluid for an essential boost of hydration and electrolytes in less than30 minutes! This is the mainstay treatment for dehydration in hospitals around the world.

Compliments any of our facials perfectly for an inside out approach to beauty.

Recommended Use:
As needed for mild dehydration or dehydration prevention.

Recommended Boosters:
 Pairs well with any of our  boosters depending on your needs! Try with ourB Complex which contains a large dose of Vitamin B12 along with other essential B Vitamins!


This infusion rejuvenates your skin from within to leave you looking LIT. Collagen and glutathione are infused along with all of the essential vitamins your skin needs to glow. In addition, age-reversing antioxidants are added to fight oxidative damage your skin incurs from the environment and lifestyle choices.

Recommended Use: Once every 2-4 weeks for optimal levels of antioxidants and vitamins to keep you looking radiant. Package of 6 encouraged.

Recommended Boosters: Vitamin C for added immunity and skin glow, Extra Glutathione for skin brightening effects.


Great to boost your immunity during or after times of illness. Includes extra Vitamin C and an energising, balancing mix of ingredients to ease muscle aches and pains associated with illness and get you back to your daily routine faster than ever.

Recommended Use: As needed. Great if you have recently been ill or have been getting ill frequently.

Recommended Boosters: Extra fluid for dehydration.


An energising infusion for overall wellness and vitality that will leave you feeling WOKE.  This infusion targets a variety of concerns that would otherwise leave you slow-moving and  unmotivated. Woke Infusion will hydrate you, balance your electrolytes, and infuse a balanced blend of vitamins to restore your body’s equilibrium and leave you feeling refreshed.

Recommended Use: 1-2 times per month to replenish vitamins and revitalise your well-being.

Recommended Boosters: Glutathione Booster for detox, Vitamin C Booster for immunity and skin glow.

THIRSTY (Hydration)

Ideal if you are feeling dehydrated and could use a little extra fluid and electrolytes. The THIRSTY infusion will provide you with 1.5 liters of fluid and high doses of electrolytes and minerals. It is like a high-powered energy drink for your veins! A great addition to any of our treatments for weeks you haven’t had time to properly hydrate or have been exercising intensively.

Recommended Use: As needed for moderate dehydration or dehydration prevention.

Recommended Boosters: Pairs well with any of our boosters depending on your needs! Try with our B Complex which contains a large dose of Vitamin B12 along with other essential B Vitamins!


The effects of being a socialite and jet setter have met their match with the REHAB IV Infusion. This high-powered infusion will assist you with all the essentials for rapid recovery after traveling or long weekends.

It includes the essential vitamins your body needs with the addition of specialised boosters to help with the common muscle aches, headaches, and general malaise associated with partying and travel. Also great to get before long journeys to prevent the typical, travel-associated dehydration.

Recommended Use: Before and after traveling or partying.

Recommended Boosters: L-Carnitine for added energy, Glutathione for detox and skin glow.

SLIM (Fitness Boost)

The SLIM infusion compliments dieting and  cleansing excellently for faster results than ever before! Full of metabolism boosting ingredients, this infusion will also encourage building of lean muscle mass! The Slim infusion includes1 litre of fluid and energy boosting vitamins which makes it perfect for before or after exercise.

Recommended Use: Biweekly. Recommended for anyone dieting or exercising frequently.

Recommended Boosters: Glutathione Booster for detox and glow, Magnesium Booster for muscle aches and pains.


For those of you who want to feel as dazzling as Dr. Kiran’s icon Meghan Markle herself. Our most luxe infusion for when you need a 360 degree turnaround in energy, glow, performance, hydration, immunity and more. This infusion is for all the go-getters out there who want to take on the world with limitless energy and glow.

The Magic Markle will give you 2 litres of fluid and high doses of electrolytes to leave you ultra-hydrated. An energising mix of vitamins and minerals will leave you ready to take on anything the day has in store and will leave you feeling refreshed for days to weeks!

The infusion is finished off with a high dose of Glutathione to reverse oxidative damage to your body leaving you utterly invincible.

Recommended Use: Monthly or as needed

Recommended Boosters: Can add extra Glutathione for enhanced skin Brightening.

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