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FDA Approved Non-invasive Body Contouring in Delhi

If you’re looking for a helping hand to fight stubborn fat and cellulite, our body contouring techniques will help you achieve super natural results. We use the latest techniques and also create science-based nutritional plans that complement these treatments for a 360-degree approach.

Our body contouring plans target everything from excess fat on the double chin to annoying dimply skin that rains down on your beach holiday. Now, watch your inches drop and cellulite melt off.

Treatment Options




At Isya, we’re more than just a skin clinic–we want the best for your overall health. That is why we don’t just offer clinical treatments to help you achieve the body you want. We complement them with extensive nutritional plans that ensure the effects of these treatments are long-lasting.

From treating PCOD to fighting stubborn fat, our in-house experts will devise the right food and diet plan for you, depending on your health concern and skin issues. You can leave all the ground work to us and reap the best benefits.


Try it if: You’re tired of battling body fat at the gym

Vouched for by celebrities like Brook Shields, SculpSure (a.k.a warm sculpting) is one of the most advanced fat reduction techniques with a 93% satisfaction rate among users. It uses a laser to target and melt fat cells by exposing them to high temperature heat.

The body gradually disposes these off, providing noticeable changes in just a few months. Unlike liposuction, which is invasive in nature, this requires no incisions or numbing, and one can resume their routine activities immediately.

In addition to fat reduction, the heating process of SculpSure stimulates a gentle increase in collagen production in the skin, mildly increasing lift and firmness in the treated area so you look a bit more toned.

It’s approved by the FDA in 2015 and has quickly become one of the most trusted treatments worldwide, offering permanent results.

The need to knows:

You can treat stubborn fat in a painless way on any part of the body with SculpSure. You will need 2-3 sessions and results will begin to show in 6-12 weeks­–they are not immediate and are subject to the person maintaining weight. 

There is no downtime following the SculpSure treatment, allowing you to resume your daily activities right away. Rarely, patients report mild tenderness in the treated area as if they just had an intense workout at the gym, that goes away in 7-10 days.


Try it if: You need to tackle excess fat on the double chin

Kybella injections are made to tackle that excessive stubborn fat on the double chin that suddenly pops up in your photos. We all love a chiselled jawline for the perfect aesthetics and a double chin can dampen the aspiration.

These FDA-approved injections are packed with the power of fat-lysing actives and are placed in the double chin area about 1cm apart for efficacious results.

It’s one of the most popular double chin-fighting techniques in the West, and works as a great addition to other fat busting treatments as well.

Preparing for Geolysis (or Kybella)

We recommend that you inform your aesthetician of any medication you may be on to ensure that they won’t interfere with your Kybella treatment.

Discontinue the usage and consumption of blood thinners or any fatty acids such as flax or cod liver oil or vitamins A and E for 3 days to a week before and after the treatment to minimise bruising and to allow the area to heal well.

Avoid consuming alcohol, caffeine, foods with refined sugar, excess salt or spices for 24-48 hours before and after the treatment as well.

This is a non-surgical technique which consists of injecting the fat beneath the chin using a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid (a natural bile acid that is produced by your body to absorb fat)  injections to target fat cells.

Each treatment takes about 15-20 minutes to administer with almost no downtime. The area is marked, then numbed with a topical cream or an ice pack before finally injecting it.

Target areas

Kybella targets the fat cells around your jawline and the upper area of your neck to reduce fat there and tighten your skin in the process, minimising your double chin.

You will require 2-4 sessions, spaced 1-3 months apart to see results. This is because the results of each treatment take 2-3 months to appear and we can then go ahead and customise your next treatment based on your needs.

There are no side effects for this non-surgical procedure. However, it is still essential that you inform your dermatologist about any previous facial treatments you may have gotten in the recent past or surgical treatments, even if they may have been a few years old.

The treatment is absolutely safe but rarely can cause mild numbness in area, and rarely a tiny scar or infection which is usually treatable

You can have redness, swelling and bruising in the area for about 7-10 days, so avoid doing this right before an event. Give your skin enough time to heal for best results.

Best candidate for Kybella

If you’re dealing with a double chin that doesn’t seem to leave even after you’ve lost significant amounts of fat overall with diet and exercise, it’s worth it to give Kybella a shot to make those fat cells burn.

If you have aged skin that is stubborn and your double chin has shown no sign of budging for years, Kybella may not be the best treatment for you—then you must try SculpSure.

If you are scheduled for facial surgery or any kind or are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should not sign up for Kybella.

If you have excessively  sagging skin then you may want to consider skin tightening or surgical procedure for tightening. Also if the fat is stubborn, you may need more sessions or you can consider a surgical intervention to permanently remove the fat but the side effects are higher with the surgery.


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