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Unlocking the Magic of CloudSkin: A Painless Path to Perfect Skin

Just as enchanting as it sounds, CloudSkin is a treatment that promises to deliver a flawless, lit-from-within glow without the need for needles or invasive procedures. If you’re seeking deeply nourished, revitalized skin, CloudSkin might be the secret elixir you’ve been waiting for. CloudSkin is not just a skincare solution; it’s a comprehensive approach to overall skin health.

What is CloudSkin?

CloudSkin is a cutting-edge skincare treatment introduced by Dr Kiran Sethi at her clinic in South Delhi, Isya Aesthetics. With a degree in Cosmetic Science & Formulation and Dermatology, Dr Kiran is a global expert in skincare and haircare. CloudSkin harnesses the power of air to infuse nourishing actives into the skin and scalp. The name “CloudSkin” is derived from the technology’s use of pressurized air, which creates a cloud-like effect on your skin, resulting in a smoother, calmer, and more radiant complexion. What sets CloudSkin apart is its ability to penetrate up to 1.5 centimeters into the skin’s surface, providing impressive results without the discomfort associated with needles and invasive procedures.

This dreamy, painless treatment is suitable for a wide range of skincare and scalp concerns, including improving skin glow, addressing pigmentation, combating acne, and reducing the signs of aging. Additionally, CloudSkin can be used to enhance hair health by infusing growth-promoting actives into the scalp. The versatility of this innovative technology extends to plumping and brightening lips, as well as improving the appearance of eyelids and under-eye areas.

At Isya, a commitment to tailored solutions is paramount. Consequently, they have developed their own protocol for CloudSkin, ensuring that clients achieve long-lasting results that gradually transform their skin, leaving it healthier, fresher, and more youthful over time.

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What to Expect During a CloudSkin Session:

A typical CloudSkin session lasts approximately 30-45 minutes, depending on the specific area being treated. Isya’s recommendation is to undergo eight sessions of CloudSkin for each condition, ideally scheduling one session per week. However, for those with busy schedules, one session every two weeks is also a viable option.

For individuals battling acne, a more intensive approach is advised, with two sessions per week for the first four sessions, followed by the remaining sessions administered once per week.

Step 1: Preparation and Explanation

First, the staff at CloudSkin meticulously outlined each step of the treatment and provided a clear rationale for why each step is crucial for the treatment’s effectiveness.

Step 2: CloudCleanse

The technician initiates the treatment by cleansing your face using saline water and soft cotton pads, followed by gentle wiping to remove impurities.

Step 3: CloudExfoliation

Following the cleansing, they move on to a deep exfoliation tailored to your specific skin type. This step functions like a gentle peel, effectively removing dead skin cells and leaving your skin with a radiant, youthful glow.

Step 4: CloudGlow

Addressing the common issue of pigmentation often experienced by Indian women, the next step focuses on combating this concern. An anti-pigmentation serum is skillfully massaged into your skin, targeting and reducing pigmentation for a more even complexion.

Step 5: CloudDew

The final and crucial step in the CloudSkin facial involves the infusion of hyaluronic acid. This essential step ensures a lasting, dewy and deeply hydrated effect, leaving your skin looking and feeling its best.

Post-Treatment Effects:

The allure of CloudSkin doesn’t stop at its efficacy; it’s also known for its gentle post-treatment experience. Clients can expect their skin to appear brighter with noticeable improvements in their specific skincare concerns. Fortunately, there are no side effects, no downtime, and no pain associated with this innovative treatment. In some cases, minor irritation or redness may occur for a day, especially if you opt for a stronger treatment.

CloudSkin’s versatility extends to lip plumping without the need for injections. When combined with Isya’s CL4D LIP protocol, it offers a gentle yet effective way to achieve those coveted, naturally pink lips.

Treatment Options

Glass Skin

Gold Plasma

Focus Toning

Cloud Skin

Glass Skin FAQs

Say goodbye to tiresome treatments that only show results in one concern. Meet our Glass Skin Protocol instead! We customize a protocol for you based on your particular concerns, and combine therapies as required to get you to a glass-like finish.

Lasers like Focus Toning, Clearlift 4D, Neo, Gold Plasma may be used here, depending on your particular skin, its needs, your lifestyle, and the problems you are facing. We believe in customizing because everyone is different, but we also know our results. We a bespoke program created at Isya, Glass Skin is possible!

The need to knows:

This treatment is safe for all skin types, and is customized as needed. Results take time as glass skin is no joke. Plan 3-6 months for that final finish!


Typically, mild redness, flushing or swelling for a day or two following the treatment. But it depends on the chosen customized therapies for you!


Just as dreamy as it sounds, the best thing about cloud skin is that you can now get that perfect, lit-from-within glow using the magic of air!
Try it if: You want to nourish, revitalize and revamp your skin deeply without any needles.

Cloudskin FAQs

Cloudskin uses the power of air to infuse nourishing actives into the skin and scalp. The best part is that it does not require any needles to go as deep as 1.5cm into the skin, making it possible for your skin to achieve great results and intense nourishment, with no needles and no pain. The technology of using the power of pressurized air is what is behind the name Cloud skin as we work to create a cloud that makes your skin smoother, calmer, better, and brighter while addressing all your skin concerns and issues. This dreamy, painless treatment can be used for almost every skin and scalp concern ranging from glow, pigmentation, acne, and anti-aging, to hydration. For better hair health, we also use this cloud technology to infuse growth actives into the scalp. We can even plump and brighten your lips and improve the eyelids and under eye area with this innovative technology! At Isya, we believe in offering bespoke solutions. So we have developed our own protocol of cloud skin in order to give you long-lasting results that make your skin healthier, better, fresher, and younger over time.
Cloud skin takes about 30-45 mins per session depending on the area. Typically, we recommend 8 sessions of cloud skin for every condition with one session a week preferably. For busy bees, 1 session in 2 weeks is also possible. In case your concern is acne, we recommend 2 sessions a week for 4 sessions followed by the remaining sessions undertaken once per week.
Every step is safe, comfortable, and just wonderful as cloud skin leaves your skin looking brighter with measurable improvements in every skin concern possible. There are no side effects, no downtime, and no pain. Little irritation or redness can occur for a day in case you decide to go stronger.
We recommend this a great treatment for brides as it can nourish all the neglected body parts like your neck, chest, hands, tummy, and back which we fail to give attention to. The goal is to give your skin better nutrition in a completely pain-free manner. Back, chest, tummy, arms – show off your body in your wedding lehenga
Fun Fact:
For those of you who want a gentle pink lip plump without injections, CloudSkin combined with our CL4D LIP protocol is for you!

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