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Dermal Fillers

Insta Lift


The facial features are the first thing a person notices in another person. Among the facial features, there are certain features that are noticed in a better manner than the other or let us just say that these are the features that enhance your overall appearance and make people notice you.

The shape of the jawline and the sharpness of the chin are among these features that possess the potential to change the overall appearance of the face.

You must have noticed that people with a weak jawline or undefined chin often complain about the fact that no matter how hard they try, it is always difficult to enhance their features by means of makeup.

Well, if you are someone who resonates with the same problem, and then feel free to talk to an expert.

The expert helps you to stand out in the crowd and enhance the appeal of your attractive face by offering Jaw line & Chin Enhancement. The procedures are extremely safe and does not result in any side effects.

jawline Enhancement FAQ's

If you need to perk up your features and get a razor sharp jawline that looks great in selfies, there’s nothing that works better than our jawline enhancement techniques.

From the ever-popular botox to non-invasive lasers, we’ve got a way to give you your dream look. But what can you expect? 

Well, for one, expect the troublesome double chin gone. Our experts work to give you the appearance of symmetrical, sharper jawline that balances out your face and even makes your neck appear slimmer.

If you’ve been hit with a case of loose or sagging skin, we can even build up the volume to give a bright, youthful appearance.

You can opt for Jawline enhancement if you need to:

  • Reduce the appearance of your double chin
  • Tighten up loose or sagging skin on the jawline
  • Reshape your jawline to be sharper and symmetrical


Try it if: You’re tired of your selfie-killing double chin

SculpSure is one of the most advanced fat reduction techniques that uses a laser to target and melt fat cells by exposing them to high temperature heat. The body gradually disposes these off, providing noticeable changes in just 6-12 weeks.

Since the under chin area is super curvy, the applicator is designed specifically to fit under the chin.In addition to fat reduction, the heating process of SculpSure stimulates an increase in collagen production in the skin, increasing lift and firmness in the treated area so you look more toned than ever.

It’s approved by the FDA in 2015 and has quickly become one of the most trusted treatments worldwide, offering permanent results and a 93% satisfaction rate for the double chin.

The need to knows:

You can treat your double chin with SculpSure in just 25 minutes in 2-3 sessions . Results begin to show in 1-3 months as the fat cells filter out. It is important to note that you can still gain weight and see those fat deposits return, so you must follow the correct diet and lifestyle and return for additional sessions when necessary.

There’s no downtime or post-care required, but sometimes mild redness and tenderness may occur. Typically, you can go straight to work right afterwards. 

Sculpsure Before & After Images


Try it if: You want sharp facial features that could put Hritik Roshan to shame

Isya Aesthetics is the first clinic to bring Ulthera to India and are also a Ulthera Golden Record Award winner–meaning we’re pros who have mastered this technique.

Ultherapy is an FDA-approved treatment which is clinically proven to lift and define the face, jawline, double chin and neck. It uses micro-focused ultrasound to cause micro heating beneath the skin in targeted depth, which stimulates the production of collagen and elastin to encourage healing.

It’s like the painless version of a face lift but without the surgery, offering super natural, long-lasting results.

The need to knows:

You can see immediate results in just one hourly session and this continues to improve for 3 months. There is numbing of the area involved.  It is mildly uncomfortable, but we use numbing cream and a mild tablet painkiller to reduce the intensity of pain.

There might be some degree of redness, mild swelling and soreness for a few days post the treatment. 

Ultherapy Before & After Images


Try it if: You want to have a sharper jawline

Botox has often enjoyed a notorious reputation due to its tendency to reduce the signs of ageing and relax the face muscles. But what do you do when the wrinkles, crow’s feet and frown lines rain down on your whole look?

The truth is, botox sounds scarier than it actually is and enjoys a bad rap usually because it’s done by untrained aestheticians. It is simply a purified protein that gently paralyzes muscles to avoid formation of wrinkles.

At Isya, we make sure it is never absorbed by the body and done with uttermost care by trained docs, so the muscles are relaxed not frozen.

Thanks to Dr. Kiran Sethi’s Le Beau Ideal technique, you’ll look like the best version of yourself The most common areas it works on are the jawline, forehead, glabella, mouth, neck and around the eyes. It can even be used to fix a droopy smile and for jawline slimming or tightening.

The need to knows:

The effect of each 10-minute session lasts for about three months. There is numbing of the area being treated involved, if needed.

Typically, its easy peasy. Just go on to work right afterwards! Some mild bumpiness in the area may be there, but that goes away within an hour or two.

Don’t lay flat for a few hours so that the botox doesn’t migrate. If it does migrate to nearby muscles, which is rare, you can have short-term eyelid drooping or drooping brows–but this is also completely treatable with simple eye drops.

There’s also a small risk of infection and bruising, but topical antiseptics prevent this from occurring. 

Dermal Fillers

Try it if: You need a natural way to sharpen that jawline

Whether it’s for under eyes or your jawline, Dr. Kiran Sethi is known for her Le Beau Ideal concept that uses fillers to give you the most natural results possible.

The top fillers like Juvederm, Boletero and Restylane that use a natural acid called hyaluronic acid are used to fill in the gaps, rejuvenate your skin, lift up sagging skin and give you a jawline that looks great in every selfie.

The need to knows:

  • Tailor-made plan by Isya’s experts
  • Results last for 6 months to 2 years
  • Can be reversed
  • A week of recovery time required
  • Mild redness or swelling
  • Bruising and bleeding may occur

Dermal Fillers Before & After Images

Insta Lift

Try it if: You need to get selfie-perfect and fight sagging skin, double chin or a loose jawline

There’s a reason this one is a celebrity favourite; Insta Lift is just right for days when your skin needs a speedy pick-me-up. It’s a quick and safe tightening technology that works to give you a refreshed, youthful look and works best on the double chin, jawline and for face-lifting.

A 4 dimensional technology called Transform is used to tighten the skin by painlessly heating up the deeper layers of the skin using radiowaves and Near Infrared Light. This is also accompanied by lymphatic drainage and mild mechanical massage.

This encourages the skin to produce wrinkle-fighting collagen and also tightens loose skin. InstaLift is as simple, natural and efficacious as it gets! When done in a course, results are long-lasting.

The need to knows:

A single 45-minute session may show immediate results, but like they say, all good things come in big packages. Recommend every 2-4 weeks for at least 6-8 sessions for long-lasting results.

Mild redness may occur after the treatment and will fade away in a few hours. Rarely, you can have a few broken blood vessels that go away in a few days.

Instalift Before & After Images

Threads FAQs

Facial thread treatments can be used to address a variety of concerns, including sagging skin on the cheeks, jawline, and neck, as well as deep wrinkles and fine lines.

The procedure is minimally invasive and typically takes around 30-60 minutes to complete. There is minimal downtime, and patients can usually return to their normal activities immediately after the treatment.

The results of the treatment can last for up to two years, depending on the type of thread used and the individual’s skin.

Facial thread treatments are considered safe and have minimal risks or side effects.

Facial thread treatments are safe and effective for patients of all skin types and ages. They are a great option for those who want a more youthful appearance without undergoing surgery.


Exclusively at Isya

Isya and Dr. Kiran bring V Face – with muscle toning and collagen boosting all in one, get your high powered face workout by V face to lift those brows, cheeks and sharpen that jawline in no time! 

A synchronal merger of RF Diathermy along with muscle contractions (Diatermocontraction) to promote skin tightening, firming and toning. The RF Diathermic Pulse, thanks to its own bio-recognized characteristics, produces massive fibers recruitment while preserving the outstanding comfort during the treatment session.

Patented reticular geometry for optimized and homogenous heat diffusion. Muscle Restoration with a dynamic approach and No return pad.

Dr. Kiran, is the worldwide Key Opinion Leader and speaker for this technology that is at the advent of aesthetic science where we work on toning the face muscles while simultaneously boosting collagen for that lift you always wanted that is natural, safe and fabulous!

Requiring 4- 6 sessions one session every 1 week with results that lasts up to a 6 months to a year, and is safe on any age or skin, V face can even give you a needle free brow lift you always wanted!

  • More triangular shape.
  • Less asymmetry.
  • Reduced malar fat bags.
  • Reduce nasolabial folds.
  • More projected and lifted cheeks.
  • Reduce shadows of tears through.
  • Quality of skin improved.

Before & After Images

Threads Before & After Images

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