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Magick Hair Rescue is a groundbreaking hair and scalp treatment designed to revitalize your hair from the roots to the ends. This painless, refreshing system leverages advanced aeronautical cloudskin technology to exfoliate, cleanse, and infuse the scalp with active ingredients, significantly improving hair quality and reducing frizz. The treatment stimulates hair growth by up to 86% by ensuring deeper penetration of these actives. The multi-step process begins with CloudCleanse, a deep scalp cleansing to remove dead cells, followed by CloudExfoliate to tackle dandruff and excess oils, and BioStimulation to activate the hair follicles. The final steps, CloudGrow and Fizz Free Proprietary infusion nourish the hair with vital nutrients, promoting a healthier, more vibrant mane. Suitable for individuals battling dandruff, oily scalp, hair loss, or simply seeking to enhance their hair’s overall appearance, Magick Hair Rescue offers noticeable results after just four sessions, with lasting outcomes achievable through regular maintenance.

To experience the full benefits of this innovative treatment, consider booking your sessions at Isya Aesthetics in New Delhi, India. With eight weekly sessions recommended for long-lasting results, you’ll see a transformation in your hair’s health and appearance in as little as four weeks. Don’t let hair challenges hold you back any longer. Contact Isya Aesthetics today to schedule your Magick Hair Rescue appointment and take the first step towards the lush, healthy hair you deserve.

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Magick Hair Rescue is an advanced hair and scalp treatment that uses aeronautical cloudskin technology to cleanse, exfoliate, and nourish the scalp and hair, promoting healthier growth and reducing frizz.

This treatment is ideal for anyone looking to reduce dandruff, improve hair growth, combat frizzy hair, or address an oily scalp. It’s also an excellent option for those seeking an alternative to more invasive hair treatments.

We typically recommend eight weekly sessions for lasting results, with maintenance sessions once every month after the initial treatment period.


Results can be noticed as early as after the fourth session, with significant improvements in hair growth and quality observed after completing the recommended treatment course.

Magick Hair Rescue is a safe and gentle treatment with no significant side effects. However, individual sensitivities to ingredients, although rare, can occur.

It can be combined with treatments like Magick PRP/Magick Liquid Gold PRF scalp for enhanced results, offering a comprehensive approach to scalp and hair health.

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