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Best & Painless Laser Tattoo removal in Delhi at Isya Aesthetics

Isya Aesthetics offers the best treatment for Tattoo removal with state-of-the-art laser treatment in Delhi. Led by Dr. Kiran Sethi, this safe and painless treatment removes permanent tattoos completely.

Tattoos are hard to commit. Sometimes, as life changes we all get over the cliched infinity sign on our wrist or need to erase that ink stamp we got on an impulse while holidaying abroad.

Our experts are trained in advanced tattoo removal, meaning they can cause your tattoo and the resulting scars to fade away with our range of laser treatments that give you super-fast results.

We can treat tattoos with all kinds of inks and get rid of your tattoo regret in just a few regular visits.

Treatment Options

Pixel Perfect



Pixel Perfect

Try it if: You need to get rid of regrettable tattoos

We all have tattoos that we got inked on an impulse and seem to regret a few years down the line. If you can’t embrace them, it’s time to get rid of them.

This resurfacing laser is just what you need–it stimulates the production of new skin which results in the body getting rid of damaged skin cells, which means they take your old tattoo along with it. Say Ciao!

The need to knows:

  • Numbing cream on treatment area
  • Duration: 30 minutes for medium-sized area
  • Minimum six sessions required for results
  • Redness for two days
  • Scab formation 
  • Allow three weeks downtime


Try it if: You need to get rid of a tattoo

Brilliance is a painless laser treatment used only for pigmentation or tattoos. It uses pigment blasting technology with different spot sizes to target the concerned area in different skin depths.

It usually works alone or as a wonderful combo to other lasers (that you may use for hair removal, skin tightening etc.) to erase marks, patches and even big birth marks. It’s also great to get rid of marks on your body. Think of it as a plus one to other treatments if your pigmentation is not as pressing as other skin issues.

Isya is proud to say that Brilliance is exclusive to our clinic, and offers the best results in the whole country.

The need to knows:

  • Minimum 6 sessions (1 per month)
  • No downtime
  • Sunscreen mandatory


Try it if: You need to erase your tattoo

If the memory of getting a regretful tattoo on that beach holiday needs to be erased, count on this super tech-savvy laser to get the job done.

It blasts light in picoseconds, tricks the skin into naturally producing new cells to replace the old ones and causes the tattoo to fade away over a few sessions.

The need to knows:

  • Quick results
  • Numbing involved
  • Mild heat sensation
  • 3-6 sessions required
  • Mild redness or flushing
  • Mild swelling
  • Sun sensitivity 
  • Scab formation for one week
  • May darken pigmented areas before real results

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