SoftTouch Laser Hair Removal

SoftTouch is a FDA approved machine which is specially designed & developed with Moveo Technology. It is equipped with a 755nm, Alexandrite laser which is effective to treat fine & light hair & benign pigmented lesions, thanks to its high efficient melanin absorption, high peak power & short pulse length selection.

Moveo HR technology consists of multiple passes over small defined areas. This causes gradual heating & destruction of unwanted hairs. The procedure is virtually painless & with zero side effects.

Moveo is an innovative idea based on 4 fundamental concepts:

  • Effectiveness
  • Speed
  • Simplicity
  • Safe
TIME Super-fast
PAIN Completely painless
SKIN LIGHTENING Gives result in skin lightening as well
CUSTOMIZATION Customized tech. for specialized needs
COST EFFECTIVE Saves your time, effort & money in the long-run
SESSIONS Holistic approach to minimize total sessions
APPROACH Specific approach for men, PCOS & scattered hair growth
  • Concern: Laser hair reduction, Skin lightening, benign pigmented lesions.
  • Downtime: None
  • Duration: Depends on the area being treated faster than regular Laser Hair Removal
  • Sessions: 4-6 sessions.

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