Allergy Patch Testing

Allergy Patch Testing is a comprehensive diagnostic procedure designed to identify specific allergens that cause contact dermatitis, a skin reaction that results from direct skin contact with irritants or allergens. This testing method involves the application of small patches imbued with potential allergens to the skin, typically on the back, which are then left in place for 48 hours. The process is crucial for individuals experiencing persistent skin rashes or irritation, as it helps pinpoint the exact substances they are allergic to. Suitable for adults and children, Allergy Patch Testing can assess reactions to over 15,000 substances, including chemicals, metals, and natural irritants. Results from the test typically become evident within a few days after the patches are removed, offering insight into what causes the allergic reactions. This enables dermatologists to craft personalized avoidance and treatment strategies, improving skin health and comfort.

Understanding the cause of your allergic skin reactions is the first step toward relief. Allergy Patch Testing at Isya Aesthetics in New Delhi, India, provides a detailed analysis to identify the allergens responsible for your discomfort. With our specialized testing, you can expect results that will effectively guide the management and treatment of your skin condition. Results are generally observed a few days after the test, contributing to long-lasting relief from allergic contact dermatitis. Contact us to schedule your appointment and move closer to discovering the cause of your skin allergies.

Benefits of Allergy Patch Testing:

  • Identifies specific allergens causing skin reactions
  • Enables personalized treatment plans
  • Can test for a wide range of substances
  • Non-invasive and safe for all ages
  • Helps avoid future allergic reactions
  • It may improve overall skin condition
  • It provides peace of mind by knowing the causes
  • Can lead to long-term skin health improvement
  • Essential for managing chronic skin condition
  • Supports lifestyle adjustments to minimize exposure to allergens


Allergy Patch Testing is a diagnostic method used to identify substances that cause allergic skin reactions, known as contact dermatitis. It involves applying patches with different allergens to the skin and observing responses over a few days.

This test is recommended for individuals experiencing unexplained skin rashes and irritation or those suspected of having allergic contact dermatitis.

The patches are typically worn 48 hours, with results evaluated a few days after removal.

No, the test is non-invasive and generally not painful, though some itching or discomfort may occur if a reaction develops.

Allergy Patch Testing is safe and suitable for individuals of all ages, including children.

It’s important to avoid using corticosteroids or taking antihistamines before the test, as they can affect the results. Your dermatologist will provide specific instructions based on your medical history.

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