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Skin Maintenance & Rejuvenation Facials in Delhi at Isya Aesthetics

Your skin needs rest and care from various life stressors. Skin Maintenance Facials at Isya deliver a range of Skin Maintenance & Rejuvenation Facial packs and treatments prepared by Dr. Kiran Sethi, a world-renowned dermatologist from New York. Receive the best treatment to rejuvenate and vitalize your skin with modern science through lasers, exfoliation, and more.

Dr. Kiran Sethi is talking about one of the most popular facials turned out to be her newest express facial for men called “Man’s Best Friend” from Isya’s Little Drops of Heaven line!

Everybody needs a pick me up sometimes. We have tough lives in the modern world. There is work pressure, family pressure, and social responsibilities, not to mention the environmental stressors of excess sun, heat, pollution, traffic and more.


All of these stressful factors do not allow your skin to get the rest and care that it needs to be at its optimal best. While salon facials seem like the solution, typically they bring their own set of problems with them.

Often salon facials use tons of different untested products, they do aggressive extractions resulting in marks, and they do not actually work towards improving the underlying skin tone.

Instead, they give you a short-term fix that can sometimes result in skin allergies, pimples and marks. That’s where we come in. At Isya Aesthetics we developed an array of skin maintenance facials so that you can get the TLC you need without the risk of a salon facial!

Every month, feel free to come in to Isya Aesthetics to get your rest and relaxation while your skin gets the tender loving care it deserves. Erase that grime, pollution, tan and tension from your skin while you relax in our spacious suites.

And, with our skin maintenance facials, you can watch your skin tone significantly improve over time! Our facials are designed to give your skin the vitality it used to have. And, you don’t have to ever get a salon facial again because now you will have the true, dermatologically approved skin care you need.

Following are the skin maintenance facials, exclusively designed and only available at Isya Aesthetics:

  • For the ultimate in glow, the Diamond Midifacial may be for you
  • Vita fcial for a rejuvenating medi-facial designed for skin maintenance, improvement of your skin’s complexion and an instant glow
  • Signature facial that includes primary cleansing, exfoliation of dead skin cells and a luxurious professionally chosen treatment
  • Get a gorgeous, radiant and young-looking skin in just one session at Isya Aesthetics through Instaglam
  • Neo Laser Facial Regain your Skin’s Natural Glow and Heal Your Skin with Isya’s Exclusive Neo Laser

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