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We, at Isya Aesthetics, are super excited to announce that we’re now home to the celebrity-loved ZO Facials (in India, Delhi). These advanced treatments are administered using only Dr. Zein Obagi, MD formulated ZO® Skin Health products.

These incredible treatments work by stimulating new cell growth, leaving you with a fresher and brighter appearance. Our team at Isya is trained to treat you to these skin treatments developed by Dr. Obagi over 30+ years of his career.

Each facial is customised to create lasting, visible results by using extensively researched, doctor prescribed products and advanced treatment techniques.

Treatment Options

ZO® Ultra Hydration Facial

If healthy, hydrated skin is your goal, this treatment is a must-try. The facial utilizes cutting edge technology, including micro current therapy, to help improve skin firmness, reduce wrinkles and smooth skin.

Sign up to get the  ZO® Glow before a big night out. Your makeup will go on smoother—in fact, you won’t even feel the need to use all that much considering how beautiful and glowy your skin will look!

ZO® Skin Brightening Treatment

Who doesn’t love even-toned, bright skin? This potent, specialised treatment targets an uneven skin tone, sun damage and skin discolouration.

We make use of a StimulatorPeel® microdermabrasion and our exclusive ZO® Skin Health brightening mask to make sure you’re left with a clearer, more luminous complexion at the end. Your skin’s future is looking bright!

ZO® Acne Clarifying Treatment

Acne-free skin doesn’t have to be a distant dream. With this acne-busting facial, we focus on deep cleansing pores, painless extractions and apply our exclusive ZO® Skin Health Sulfur Masque to help target acne-causing bacteria and surface oils, working well beyond the treatment.

We end with a cool mask application to soothe and calm the skin. Clear skin that’s free of breakouts has never been easier to achieve.

ZO® Anti Aging Facial

Aging skin needs special love and care with potent ingredients formulated to tackle mature skin concerns. Known for its inspiring anti-aging benefits, this plant-based cell renewal facial treatment is a wonderful rejuvenation therapy for your skin.

Chock-full of antioxidants, this facial treatment (for all skin types) involves massaging the face, neck, and decolletage to extend the liveliness of skin cells, promote cell renewal, support frazzled or environmentally damaged skin, and add firmness, rejuvenating your skin on the whole.

ZO® Anti Redness Facial

Sensitive skin that’s prone to redness should be tended to with utmost care, to not aggravate the skin.

This facial is clinically proven to help relieve and reduce the most visible signs of red, sensitive skin as well as symptoms which are associated with rosacea such as flushing, inflammation and roughness.

The treatment will ensure that your skin is restored to its naturally radiant appearance, no redness in sight.

ZO® Enzymatic Resurfacing Peel

We absolutely love using AHAs and BHAs to completely rejuvenate your skin, and this fabulous facial ticks all the right boxes. We incorporate a blend of the most effective and highly concentrated acids to target fine lines, uneven skin tone and resurface the skin with no downtime at all.

If what you need is smoother skin with all the added benefits, you’ve found your winner!

ZO® Hand Renewal Treatment

We use our hands all day, every day, yet we tend to forget that they need to be cared for as well. If you have dry, chapped hands that are starting to wrinkle, this treatment is the one for you.

Our exclusive Hand Renewal with sugar crystals, along with a deep massage helps treat uneven skin tone, hydrate and soften hands to make them look younger and more youthful.

ZO® Lunchtime Stimulator Peel

If you’re looking for a glow-boosting facial treatment that you can schedule even during a work day, we’ve found just the one for you. This exfoliation treatment is like no other.

It targets ageing skin and an uneven skin tone, buffing away the damaged cells on the surface of the skin, promoting healthy skin cell renewal. You’ll see visible improvements in just one treatment!

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Try it if: You need to treat troublesome spots and clear your skin

Our Acne Spot Peel and Acne Erase Peel are super effective when it comes to attacking acne-causing bacteria and reducing oil secretion.

Try the former, which is a favourite with celebrities and partygoers, to treat big, unexpected zits in just 1-3 days.

It works on the full face to cleanse, exfoliate and purify pores, giving you a deep cleanse and sloughs off damaged skin.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Multiple sessions required
  • Combine with other treatments for best results (+ 15 mins)
  • Temporary: Redness, Dryness, Sun sensitivity
  • 1 week: Aggravated acne due to skin purging

Ideal for: Any age group and gender

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