Focus Toning

Focus Toning is Best suitable for: Those who want a glass-like glow

Try it if: You need quick results in fighting pigmentation, pores and signs of aging

Treatment Options

Focus Toning FAQs

Say goodbye to tiresome treatments that take months to show results. Focus Toning requires just 3-4 sessions spaced out at month apart to get skin that is practically pigmentation, pore and line-free while improving your complexion drastically.

It uses a revolutionary picosecond laser that focuses powerful laser pulses across the skin, thereby blasting melanin and activates the body’s collagen and elastin production to give you healthier skin.It uses the Picosure laser, which is the most powerful in the world to treat pigmentation with minimal downtime and fast results.

The need to knows:

This treatment is safe for all skin types, including extremely light or dark skin that might be more sensitive to lasers. A typical session is an hour long, and includes 30 minutes of numbing and some heat sensations post the treatment (don’t worry, we handle this with icing). Results are best seen across 3-4 sessions with each session spaced a month to 3 months apart.

Mild redness, flushing or swelling for a day or two following the treatment.


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