How To Protect Skin Against Pollution?

How To Protect Skin Against Pollution?

How To Protect Skin Against Pollution?

How To Protect Skin Against Pollution | Isya Aesthetics in Vasant Vihar, Delhi

With a blanket of smog embracing the capital city, you can most likely see the effects of this on your skin. It looks duller and lacks the glow we all desire–and these are just the short-term effects.

A prolonged exposure to the toxicity we’re being exposed to right now can not only harm the way your skin looks but also speed up the aging process in the long run.

This is because the small pollution particles can get stuck in pores, causing breakouts and damage to deeper layers of the skin. This often leads to skin sensitivity, taut skin, wrinkles, dark spots and crows feet.

The truth is, though, you can’t protect skin from the visible effects of pollution. City dwellers can only tackle the effects with the right skincare regimen.

Rely on antioxidants

Anti-oxidants like vitamin C and E are super effective against pollution, only because they quickly repair the damage that is caused to skin and brighten up the skin.

You can even use products (like moisturisers) with essential omega fatty acids that will help plump up skin. Most antioxidants are also packed with collagen, so they work efficaciously to turn back the signs of ageing as well. That’s a double win!

Don’t skip on sunscreen

Yes, the pollution might be in the air and you might barely be able to see the sun, but the truth is the sun is out there and there’s no way you can skip on your trusty sunscreen. Skipping on it will only double up the damage done to your skin, as you will be exposed to harmful UV rays and dusty particles.

Bring in the big guns

You might not be friends with acids in your skincare routine, but there’s no better time to befriend them than now. Yes, they might sound daunting at first, but one swipe of glycolic acid (our favourite is the Pixi Glow Tonic) and you’ll see how it sloughs off the dead skin cells and brightens up your skin. Using this even twice a week will prevent dullness.

Don’t forget the basics

Your mother probably scolded you over how important it was to wash your face after you spend long hours outside to play. Now is the best time to retake that advice–make sure you’re washing your face in the day and night, preferably with a gently foaming cleanser that is without sulphates and doesn’t strip the skin of natural oils.

Cover up

The pollutions levels are bad and we would advise you to carry a scarf, especially if you’re walking or riding a vehicle that is exposed to air. It may seem unglamorous, but it’s going to protect you more than anything else ever will.

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