Wedding Beauty the Isya Way

Wedding Beauty the Isya Way

All the members of a wedding party deserve to look gorgeous on their wedding day, be it the bride, groom or the family or friends!  Yet it becomes difficult to navigate through the maze of options available everywhere from your local salon to your doctor’s office. 


In-salon bridal treatments typically will give you short-term results, but they will not improve the condition of your skin in the long run. So, you will have expended a significant amount of money for a look that will only last a few days.

And, many in-salon treatments use so many different products on your face and body, that you run the risk of skin allergies, irritation and even acne! And these rashes and pimples can show up even weeks after you get those therapies.

. We do not believe in short-term fixes. We believe in solutions to your skin woes. We offer a full 360 degree evaluation and solution for your skin, your body, your figure and even your hair.

The goal is to either do a therapy that gives you long-lasting results  or create a program that solves a concern, We have therapies that can be done the day before or even 7-10 days prior, with results that are either an SOS or can last months! We have therapies for every budget and our goal is to for our clients to feel beautiful and look beautiful on that big day. Please click on facials to get a feel for what we offer!

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