Metabolic Peel

Try it if: You need to treat troublesome spots and clear your skin



Peels have always had a bad reputation because of their many side effects. At Isya, we use advanced metabolic peels and customize them to match your skin type and conditions, so they’re 100% safe, comfortable, essentially risk-free and natural.

Our Acne Spot Peel and Acne Erase Peel are both effective when it comes to attacking acne-causing bacteria and reducing oil secretion. Try the former, which is a favourite with celebrities and partygoers, to treat big, unexpected zits in just 1-3 days.

The Acne Erase Peels are for the full face, and they work to cleanse, exfoliate and purify pores to give you a deep cleanse and refresh damaged skin.

At Isya, we choose the peel that is right for your skin, and keep a range of metabolic peels that we can customize, combine and choose based on skin type and needs.

The best part? You can come in even a day before a big event and dry out that pimple stat with our acne zap peel, and many of our peels have no dryness, peeling or downtime associated with them.

The need to knows:

Peels work best when combined with other treatments and require many sessions. So, whatever you choose to do, we can recommend the right one for you and add it on to your treatment for just 15 minutes extra. It’s a great fix if you are on a budget too!

Depending on the peel you choose, you rarely may experience redness, dryness or sensitivity to sun, but this dies down very quickly. Some Acne Peels may purge the skin of there is acne under the skin, so you rarely may see some extra pimples in the week following the peel.

Ideal for: Any Age group and gender

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