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The Bliss treatment is like immersing yourself in hot springs that are known for skin oxygenation. The treatment stimulates the same effect. It involves applying gentle CO2 bubbles which stimulate the body response to send oxygen to the treatment area.

This reaction between oxygen and CO2 causes the bubbles to burst on the skin, resulting in exfoliation and removal of dead skin cells and pollution related-damage. The skin is then infused with actives using oxygen that are customised to your skin type to brighten it up.

BLISS also uses ultrasound to fight ageing signs and make skin supple by boosting collagen production. It is also followed by radio waves that tighten the skin. The result? Skin is brighter, tighter and smoother, sans any tan.

The need to knows:

You’ll see immediate brightening effects on your skin in just one session. You can even try it monthly as a pollution-fighting, anti-ageing or tan preventing measure.

Absolutely none! Walk in and walk out renewed.

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Bliss Treatment

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