Skin Sense; Dr. Kiran’s Guide to being Beautiful

Skin Sense; Dr. Kiran’s Guide to being Beautiful

Skin Sense; Dr. Kiran’s Guide to being Beautiful

Skin Sense; Dr. Kiran’s Guide to Being Beautiful From | Isya Aesthetics | Vasant Vihar, New Delhi

An Indian aunty once told Dr. Kiran Sethi that she was glad she’d lost weight. She’d worried she’d not get married otherwise. Dr Kiran was only fourteen.

But is it uncommon to be judged on how we look, or be pressured into how we should look even at a very young age?

Even if it isn’t someone telling us directly, the flawless images on social media play at our minds and make us feel that we will never match up.

But the truth is, everyone can feel insecure – celebrities, socialites, Instagram influences and models included.

For some, it’s their job to look beautiful and hence they’re constantly portraying confidence. But just because they look confident, doesn’t mean they really are.

If you start looking at your flaws (in comparison to what’s trending on social media), you’ll never be able to keep up. But hey, everyone is so caught up in what’s wrong with them, they’re not thinking about you at all.

So, maybe the first step to beauty is not getting rid of imperfections; ‘maybe it’s self-awareness, perspective and self-worth’ as Dr Kiran puts it so well in her book, Skin Sense.

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About Dr Kiran Sethi

Dr Kiran Sethi is an MD from the US and is a physician specializing in skin and aesthetics.

According to popular publications like Elle, Franchise India, she is one of the best skin experts in the country.

She has shared her vast knowledge and expertise in the field through written mediums like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Hindustan Times, Times of India, Mint and others; as well as via television shows for NDTV, CNBC, India Today and Aaj Tak.

She has collaborated with a number of doctors and institutions worldwide and is a lead trainer and key opinion leader for brands from around the world.


The idea behind Dr Kiran Sethi’s book, Skin Sense

So is this MD from the US, a physician specializing in skin and aesthetics telling you not to fix what makes you insecure? Absolutely not!

Dr Kiran wants you to first take a step back to recognize that having imperfections and issues with skin and weight are normal and you can be happy in spite of them.

You don’t need external validation, instead, need to learn to cultivate internal validation. Getting a certain procedure will not automatically change how you feel about yourself

‘You are worth no matter what you look like. This is a fact and has been proven throughout history. So, let’s not allow our insecurities to take away from our everyday living.

Let’s spend some time appreciating what we have and feeling strong. And, simultaneously, we can zap zits.’, she writes in her book.

We can still act on our aesthetic concerns whilst we work on loving ourselves. Why ‘live with’ something that troubles you deeply, if there is a solution to solve it?

This book aims at that, Dr Kiran Sethi is going to talk to us about how to get LIT from within.


Why Skin Sense must be your next read!

 Here are some reasons why you should read this book. The bonus point is that this advice is coming from one of the best skin and aesthetic physicians in the country! 

  1. The book starts by helping readers understand everything they need to know about skin. What is skin; the process by which it heals and repairs; the different layers and how to care for each of them. She also talks about different types of skin and how to care for it with a basic understanding of products you can use. This portion also covers common skin concerns and how you can treat them!
  1. Learn all about your hair and keeping it healthy! The next part of the book talks about hair – how good hair days can lift our mood; different types of hair and practices that can best help take care of our hair and scalp. But most importantly – we finally get an answer to the question, ‘Why does [my parlour aunty] keep telling me to do a keratin treatment for every hair problem I have?’
  1. Nail care – If you want tips on keeping your nails healthy, you’ll find them in this book!
  1. You can get your facts right (or doubts cleared) on all the homemade remedies you learned from your grandma! Ever wondered why your DIY skincare isn’t working; even though it’s made up of natural ingredients found in the kitchen? Well, Dr Kiran clears that out in her book too. She also clarifies which remedies are, in fact, great to use.
  1. She busts seven clean beauty myths! With so much going around on social media and the internet, it’s a wonder what is truly backed by science and what isn’t. Here is your guide to helping you figure that one out!
  1. Your lifestyle can greatly affect your health; and in turn, what you look like. Dr Sethi talks about lifestyle disorders and diseases like PCOS, Thyroid and Diabetes
  1. As you’ve probably heard, we are what we eat. In Skin Sense, the author covers topics like what might be wrong with the food and water we consume, the truth about dairy and gluten in our diets as well as gut health. Bonus content: An anti-ageing diet!
  2. Skincare. With lockdown, social media and fun-looking products, skin care has become an important ritual in many people’s day. But what is good and what is not? It’s covered in the book! Dr Kiran also talks about skincare as we grow older – and what our skin needs at different stages of our life.

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The Author’s Work Profile

Dr Kiran Sethi’s runs her own clinic in New Delhi called Isya Aesthetics, which is professional in a number of procedures such as:

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