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Isya Aesthetics offers the best lip job/lip enhancement in Delhi through fillers. Dr. Kiran Sethi is known for her natural lip filler technique, and also provides the best fillers to augment lip shapes, lip color, and remove wrinkles, gummy smile, and drooping smile through painless and risk-free treatment.

Treatment Options

Lip Augentation


Lip augmentation refers to the process of enhancing the shape of your pout or adding volume using cosmetic, in-clinic procedures. These fillers are most often in the form of injectables and consist of hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occuring substance present in the body.

These Dermal Fillers are a more efficacious, natural-looking and safer update from collagen, fat injections and implants that were used before.

Why us

A universally perfect pair of lips does not exist, but the perfect ones for you can. As is the case with all facial features, each of them should ideally balance the other out to give you the perfect face structure.

Whether you’d like to change your natural lip structure or you find that your pout has altered over the years, integrative aesthetic specialist Dr Kiran Sethi can help you achieve the pucker you’d prefer.

We can create a defined cupid’s bow, enhanced philtrum (the vertical groove between the base of the nose and the border of the upper lip), enlarge the width of your lips and define the borders.

When we do the lip filler procedure, we do something called the Natural Lip where we enhance what you have as opposed to completely altering the shape.

We work with the natural architecture of your lip and inject it in the right places to avoid the terrible duck lips or trout pout that you’ve probably seen on Instagram.

We identify and create symmetry by beautifying the cupid’s bow and philtrum.

Lip Augentation FAQs

Lip augmentation can do wonders if you’re looking at tweaking your lips for a perfect pout. They can add volume, change the structure and even the shape of your lips. The results look completely natural and usually last for six months. 

If you’re scared of commitment, you will be pleased to know that fillers are entirely reversible too!

At Isya, we use renowned hyaluronic acid fillers from world-class brands like RestylaneJuvederm and Belotero to give you the best possible results.

Unlike its predecessors, the gel in the hyaluronic acid fillers gives your lips an overall natural, but enhanced appearance. This is because the fillers support and shape the natural tissue present in the lips.

Hyaluronic acid fillers also allow the aesthetician to control the amount of substance that is injected, thereby controlling the volume added to the lips. So there’s no duck face, guaranteed.

The fillers can be built upon and enhanced over a series of sessions for a gradual build-up till you reach your desired look. The gel-like fillers also allow for easy rectification of any lumps and bumps created by the natural movement of our lips.

Plus, these injectable fillers are known to cause significantly less bruising and swelling and yet provide the longest results. 

If you need to tweak your lips shape, structure or add volume, lip augmentation is the correct procedure for you. Remember that while references are great, we will work toward attaining the best possible shape and volume for your individual face type so you look like you, but better. 

If you are an active smoker or suffer from health conditions like oral herpes, diabetes, lupus or blood-clotting, it is best you steer clear from dermal fillers.

However, if you would still like to undergo the procedure, your doctor can discuss the correct course of action for you. 

The lip procedure for everyone

  • The lip enhancement procedure works brilliantly for men and women alike.
  • No matter the ideal look you have in mind, we’re here to have a chat with you and design the best lip shape for your face.
  • All sorts of lip augmentation including designing a new lip, adding definition, wanting your lips to sit better, appear more hydrated or simply just a pout that suits your face better, can be done using a lip filler.

The procedure

We inject your lips with a hyaluronic acid filler (a sugar molecule) in a way that can help shape, define, optimise and hydrate your lips.

We decide the width and the length of your lips as per your facial proportions and optimise your look.

It’s important that we maintain the natural lip tubercles so you can talk and eat normally. Your lips will look natural, making your lipstick look fantastic and ensure that you still look like yourself with just a few well-placed tweaks.

We make sure to use less fillers artfully instead of graceless plumping that looks like a lip job gone wrong. We like to think of ourselves like artists who design the right lip just for you.


While you will see instant results, they will improve over two weeks for the full effect. Swelling and bruising is common and goes away within a few days.

If you do notice either of the two, it’s very easily coverable and unnoticeable with makeup.

More FAQs

The lip filler procedure is very safe to do. There is a rare risk of infection, inflammation or the filler going into the blood vessel. All of this is treatable and we ensure to support you and provide you with the best care and results every step of the way.

A lip job is not painful. You may feel the sensation of a few pricks but we make use of a numbing agent in the filler so you will only feel the numbness for the most part.

No, lip fillers are not permanent.

Lip fillers last for 9-12 months.

Yes, you can see the results instantly and watch them improve and take their best shape over two weeks after the procedure.

If you’re not happy with your treatment, you need to alter a few edges and curves or even reverse the entire procedure, all of it can be done.

We ensure 100% satisfaction—you should be completely happy with your treatment at the end of the day.

After-care is important to maintain the results of your new lips. Do not exercise, consume alcohol or kiss for 24-48 hours while they heal. Avoid green tea, alcohol, Omega-3, nsaids (like aspirin or ibuprofen) to reduce the chances of bruising.

Take and apply arnica for any bruising that may occur and apply an antibiotic ointment twice a day to avoid any negative reactions.

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