The Best Facials for Anti-Aging & Wrinkles in Delhi

The Best Facials for Anti-Aging & Wrinkles in Delhi

The Best Facials for Anti-Aging & Wrinkles in Delhi

The Best Facials for Anti-Aging & Wrinkles in Delhi | Isya Aesthetics in Vasant Vihar, Delhi

Our skin tends to get thinner and more sensitive as we get older. The face, and other sun-exposed areas, including the hands, neck, and chest, will exhibit an increase in pore size, sagging, pigmentation, and wrinkles. Isya Aesthetics offers a variety of facials for people of all ages.

 To combat aging and wrinkles, here are all the best facials you can find in Delhi.

Collagen Boost Facial

Our Collagen Boost Facial features NaturalLift. You will leave the therapy room looking years younger thanks to NaturaLift, a unique technology that tightens skin and increases collagen production using soft radio waves. For consistently radiant, supple skin, try it on its own or as a complement to our Bright Light facial.

Are There Side Effects or Downtime Involved?

There are no side effects or recovery time associated with this facial. You have time to perfect it before going to the club!

Who Should Have This Facial?

Anyone looking for a quick treatment for aging symptoms like wrinkles and drooping skin should use it. It can be consumed every week or just before a memorable night out.


The Bliss procedure is similar to soaking in hot springs known to oxygenate the skin. The treatment induces a similar effect. It entails the application of mild CO2 bubbles that trigger the body to respond by sending oxygen to the treatment area.

As a result of the skin’s bubbles bursting due to the reaction between oxygen and CO2, dead skin cells and pollution-related damage are removed. The skin is then brightened by being infused with oxygen-based actives tailored to your skin type.

By increasing collagen production, BLISS also uses ultrasound to combat age-related skin changes and make skin more supple. Additionally, radio waves that tighten the skin are sent after it. The outcome? Without any tan, the skin is smoother, tighter, and brighter.

Are There Side Effects or Downtime Involved?

There are absolutely no side effects to this facial. You can go in and out of our office as if nothing happened except your face will be more radiant.

Who Should Have This Facial?

This facial is perfect for those who want to restore or maintain their skin’s youth. In just one session, you’ll notice an immediate brightening of your skin. You can even give it a monthly try as an anti-pollution, anti-aging, or tan-prevention measure.


For days when your skin needs a quick pick-me-up, Insta Lift is ideal. It’s a rapid and secure tightening technique that gives you a revitalized, youthful appearance.

By gently heating the skin’s deeper layers and triggering the production of collagen that fights wrinkles and loose skin, pulsed light is used to lighten the skin. This facial is as easy and effective as it gets!

Although a single 45-minute session can produce noticeable improvements right away, all good things, as they say, come in large bundles. For a minimum of 8 sessions, we advise sessions every two to four weeks.

Are There Side Effects or Downtime Involved?

This facial may induce mild redness in the treatment area. The redness will fade in a couple of hours.

Who Should Have This Facial?

The InstaLift is perfect for fighting sagging skin, a double chin, and a weak jawline.

K-Glow Anti-Aging Facial

Don’t you detest it when, a few days after receiving a facial, your skin resumes its previous dull and dry state? We understand you, and with this in mind, we created our renowned K-Glow facial. To address your primary skin concerns, Dr. Kiran customizes this facial, which combines the advantages of micro-needling with a unique combination of active ingredients and a special laser.

After employing our Transform technology to tighten the skin, LED light therapy provides the skin with one more collagen boost. What’s best? Months of results are expected! 

It can be applied to the face, neck, undereye area, and lips and is the ideal treatment for any skin issue.

K-Glow can promote skin health every three to four months and works best when used alone.

Are There Side Effects or Downtime Involved?

Freckles may scab, and mild redness is expected after the K-Glow facial. You may also have to avoid the sun the week following the treatment.

Who Should Have This Facial?

The K-Glow is worth trying if you desperately need a solution for pigmentation, open pores on face, facial lines, sagging, or dullness.

Power Facial 4D

Try this opulent 4-step facial that Dr. Kiran Sethi and her staff of doctors developed in-house if you want to experience skincare in the authentic Isya Aesthetics tradition. A favorite of models and celebrities, it begins with microdermabrasion, which makes tiny channels in the skin to ensure deep and even product and laser penetration while removing dead skin and tanning.

Your particular concern is considered when selecting a laser to achieve 4D results—even out pigmentation, minimize pores and wrinkles, and produce a glow. The next step is a firming and tightening procedure that targets creases and tightens skin using natural energy.

The skin’s natural shine is activated with metabolic therapy, and LED light increases collagen formation. The treatment concludes with a healing, cooling mask that induces a deep state of relaxation. The Power Facial 4D is the greatest of our skincare methods combined, so if you only try one treatment, make it this.

It will take you roughly two hours to delight in this luxurious skin treatment. Results start appearing right away and get better after a week. For optimal results, repeat it every three months.

Are There Side Effects or Downtime Involved?

Like with many laser treatments, you can expect slight redness after the treatment. This side effect is often short-lived, though.

Who Should Have This Facial?

The Power Facial 4D is our most luxurious facial. It fights pigmentation, enlarged pores, and fine lines. Additionally, it gives the skin a natural glow.

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Several Anti-Aging Facials at Your Disposal

These five facials discussed are not every facial we offer. To learn more about the wide range of facials Isya Aesthetics provides, contact us at +(91)-96673 77709 or info@isyaderm.com.

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