NY4D Facial

NY4D Facial is Best suitable for: Brides, grooms or anyone who wants to get ready for a big event!


Try it if: A customised skin solution with long-lasting results


This facial is loved by the editors of all of India’s leading magazines, including ELLE, GQ and Grazia.

It’s also Band Baaja Bride-approved to get that pre-wedding glow. The iconic New York Facial created by Dr. Kiran involves customized exfoliation to get rid of dead skin, de-tanning benefits and ensures the forthcoming products and laser penetrate deeply and evenly into the skin.

Step 2 involves treating your major skin concern (like pigmentation, dullness, lines etc) with CL4D which is an extraordinary 4 dimensional laser that treats every concern without pain, downtime or side effects.

This is followed by personalised mask according to your skin type and LED light treatment to boost collagen production. Whatever you skin woe might be, NY Facial is your 3-step solution to it!

The need to knows:

Each treatment lasts for approximately 2 hours and shows immediate results, which improver over the course of a week. You can then do it every 3 months as a skin maintenance facial.

The after-effects: Some mild dryness or mild redness may occur, but this is easily coverable with makeup.

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