Glass Skin

Glass Skin is Best suitable for: Those who want glass-like skin


Try it if: You need quick results in fighting pigmentation, pores and signs of aging

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Glass Skin

Glass Skin FAQs

Say goodbye to tiresome treatments that only show results in one concern. Meet our Glass Skin Protocol instead! We customize a protocol for you based on your particular concerns, and combine therapies as required to get you to a glass-like finish.

Lasers like Focus Toning, Clearlift 4D, Neo, Gold Plasma may be used here, depending on your particular skin, its needs, your lifestyle, and the problems you are facing. We believe in customizing because everyone is different, but we also know our results. We a bespoke program created at Isya, Glass Skin is possible!

The need to knows:

This treatment is safe for all skin types, and is customized as needed. Results take time as glass skin is no joke. Plan 3-6 months for that final finish!


Typically, mild redness, flushing or swelling for a day or two following the treatment. But it depends on the chosen customized therapies for you!

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