Glass Skin

Glass Skin is Best suitable for: Those who want glass-like skin

Glass skin is the ideal skin in Korea. Nevertheless, what precisely is glass skin? It symbolizes skin that seems flawless, poreless, translucent, and luminous — similar to a piece of glass. Most of us want skin that has that juiciness, dewiness, and glass-like appearance; skin that appears to receive regular facials. Skin that has a glass-like appearance and is smooth and radiant. What if we tell you that it is possible for you to get the glass skin of your dreams at ISYA? Scroll down to see what services we offer to give you glass skin:

Treatment Options

Glass Skin

Gold Plasma

Focus Toning

Cloud Skin

Glass Skin FAQs

Say goodbye to tiresome treatments that only show results in one concern. Meet our Glass Skin Protocol instead! We customize a protocol for you based on your particular concerns, and combine therapies as required to get you to a glass-like finish.

Lasers like Focus Toning, Clearlift 4D, Neo, Gold Plasma may be used here, depending on your particular skin, its needs, your lifestyle, and the problems you are facing. We believe in customizing because everyone is different, but we also know our results. We a bespoke program created at Isya, Glass Skin is possible!

The need to knows:

This treatment is safe for all skin types, and is customized as needed. Results take time as glass skin is no joke. Plan 3-6 months for that final finish!


Typically, mild redness, flushing or swelling for a day or two following the treatment. But it depends on the chosen customized therapies for you!

Gold Plasma FAQs

Best suitable for: Those who want that #NoFilterNeeded selfie and dewy,supple skin Try it if: You want a red-carpet worthy
This combination treatment is what Kim Kardashian West swears by before her red carpet appearances. Gold Plasma first exfoliates the skin with mild microdermabrasion, then we use vacuum micro-needling to pull up the skin for perfect contact and then create small channels in the skin. A customized combination of baby Botox, PRP, hyaluronic acid and peptides and more as needed depending on your concern are then passed through these channels to stimulate skin cell renewal and boost collagen production. Then an LED boost is given to improve results, followed by an insanely magical gold infusion. A liquid gold mist is sprayed with oxygen to infuse brightening actives that are mixed with 24k gold for an extra glow boost. Talk about 24 karat magic in the air! The result? A drastic reduction in the signs of ageing, pigmentation, pore size, sebum production, rosacea and acne in a completely pain-free manner. Your skin will look supple and dewy and like it’s been photoshopped! It’s great for those who suffer from sensitive skin and rosacea and need a long-lasting glow. Now, we can all keep up with the Kardashians and Eva Chen!
A 60-minute session, taken every 1.5-3 months is just right to keep your skin dilemmas in check. Results usually take 7-10 days to show.
You may see a tad bit of redness and mild bumpiness, but this is usually minimal and gets resolved within a few hours after treatment.

Focus Toning FAQs

Say goodbye to tiresome treatments that take months to show results. Focus Toning requires just 3-4 sessions spaced out at month apart to get skin that is practically pigmentation, pore and line-free while improving your complexion drastically. It uses a revolutionary picosecond laser that focuses powerful laser pulses across the skin, thereby blasting melanin and activates the body’s collagen and elastin production to give you healthier skin.It uses the Picosure laser, which is the most powerful in the world to treat pigmentation with minimal downtime and fast results.
This treatment is deemed safe for all skin types, including extremely light or dark skin that might be more sensitive to lasers. A typical session is an hour long, and includes 30 minutes of numbing and some heat sensations post the treatment (don’t worry, we handle this with icing). Results are best seen across 3-4 sessions with each session spaced a month to 3 months apart.
Mild redness, flushing or swelling for a day or two following the treatment.


Just as dreamy as it sounds, the best thing about cloud skin is that you can now get that perfect, lit-from-within glow using the magic of air!
Try it if: You want to nourish, revitalize and revamp your skin deeply without any needles.

Cloudskin FAQs

Cloudskin uses the power of air to infuse nourishing actives into the skin and scalp. The best part is that it does not require any needles to go as deep as 1.5cm into the skin, making it possible for your skin to achieve great results and intense nourishment, with no needles and no pain. The technology of using the power of pressurized air is what is behind the name Cloud skin as we work to create a cloud that makes your skin smoother, calmer, better, and brighter while addressing all your skin concerns and issues. This dreamy, painless treatment can be used for almost every skin and scalp concern ranging from glow, pigmentation, acne, and anti-aging, to hydration. For better hair health, we also use this cloud technology to infuse growth actives into the scalp. We can even plump and brighten your lips and improve the eyelids and under eye area with this innovative technology! At Isya, we believe in offering bespoke solutions. So we have developed our own protocol of cloud skin in order to give you long-lasting results that make your skin healthier, better, fresher, and younger over time.
Cloud skin takes about 30-45 mins per session depending on the area. Typically, we recommend 8 sessions of cloud skin for every condition with one session a week preferably. For busy bees, 1 session in 2 weeks is also possible. In case your concern is acne, we recommend 2 sessions a week for 4 sessions followed by the remaining sessions undertaken once per week.
Every step is safe, comfortable, and just wonderful as cloud skin leaves your skin looking brighter with measurable improvements in every skin concern possible. There are no side effects, no downtime, and no pain. Little irritation or redness can occur for a day in case you decide to go stronger.
We recommend this a great treatment for brides as it can nourish all the neglected body parts like your neck, chest, hands, tummy, and back which we fail to give attention to. The goal is to give your skin better nutrition in a completely pain-free manner. Back, chest, tummy, arms – show off your body in your wedding lehenga
Fun Fact:
For those of you who want a gentle pink lip plump without injections, CloudSkin combined with our CL4D LIP protocol is for you!

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