Zit Zapper

Have an event coming up and need that pimple gone today? Well look no further – at Isya Aesthetics we combine or choose therapies based on the kind of zit it is.

Innovated by Dr. Kiran for her celebrity clients who could not wait days for a pimple to disappear, Dr. Sethi designed the Zit Zapperto get rid of pimples in just a few hours, just in time for the red carpet! 


We treat your pimple from different angles by getting rid of the excess oil, inflammation and the pore obstruction. With our customized combo depending on the cause or type of the zit, no pimple will be left standing!

You can do this treatment the day of your event or the day before for an instant result!

Zit Zapper is exclusively available at Isya Aesthetics. It is well known as the fastest treatment for those pesky zits in India.

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