Best suitable for: Men and women who want a customised solution to their skin woes


Try it if: You want celeb-perfect skin in under 30 minutes


Love low-maintenance beauty? You’ll find love after you see the results of this celebrity-approved facial that’s the favourite of actress Tina Fey and the Olsen twins.

In just 30 mins, you will see dewy skin, reduced pigmentation and acne and ample hydration. The key to the secret of SilkLove lies in its line of specially formulated, pro-strength infusion serums.

Each serum is designed based on advanced research to address different concerns like ageing, pigmentation, acne or hydration. SilkLove can even be used on parts of the body where you experience bumps, tans or dullness.

Great for a deeper infusion of skin nourishment, without any downtime or side effects.

The need to knows:

This 30-minute ritual shows results in a few days and can be indulged in every 3-4 weeks.

No downtime, no side effects, just some love for your skin!

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