Best suitable for: Mature skin


Try it if: You want a celebrity-approved way to refresh your skin


If you need to know more even after we say pop superstar Madonna swears by it, here goes. This rejuvenating facial from French brand Biologique Recherche uses cutting-edge products with special skincare massages to stimulate oxygen production and refresh skin.

It starts with a lymphatic drainage massage to fight water retention and sculpt features, and is followed by the Holy Grail P-50 Visage Mask and VIPO 2 cleanser that exfoliate the skin, regulate sebum levels and skin’s PH balance.

It ends with an ice-cold mask that smells like the ocean breeze to gently purify, balance and rejuvenate skin.  You’ll walk out feeling like you just had a refreshing beach holiday, minus all the sun damage, ofcourse!

The need to knows:

A 75-minute session, taken monthly, is just right to keep skin in prime condition. You can see the glow immediately, but mild pigmentation can reduce over cumulative sessions.

None, but avoid being in direct sunlight for a week.

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