Magic Markle IV Drip

For those of you who want to feel as dazzling as Dr. Kiran’s icon Meghan Markle herself.

Our most luxe infusion for when you need a 360 degree turnaround in energy, glow, performance, hydration, immunity and more.

This infusion is for all the go-getters out there who want to take on the world with limitless energy and glow. The Magic Markle will give you 2 litres of fluid and high doses of electrolytes to leave you ultra-hydrated.

An energising mix of vitamins and minerals will leave you ready to take on anything the day has in store and will leave you feeling refreshed for days to weeks!

The infusion is finished off with a high dose of Glutathione to reverse oxidative damage to your body leaving you utterly invincible.

Recommended Use: Monthly or as needed

Recommended Boosters: Can add extra Glutathione for enhanced skin lightening.


Due to our lifestyles and diet, some of our bodies are prone to retaining water. This often leads to bloating, cellulite and dimply skin. Our lymphatic system is responsible for disposing these fluids from our body, but sometimes the system tends to work slower and cause the aforementioned issues.

With Lymphastim, a special body suit worn by patients provides a gentle mechanical body massage that encourages natural circulation of lymph, that helps remove fluids that cause bloating, from the body.

It eliminates all toxins, reduces inflammation, promotes circulation aids weight loss and helps to reduce varicose veins. It’s also used to treat cellulite, varicose veins and heavy-legs syndrome. PS: you can also try this for post-workout relief!

The need to knows:

A 45-90-minute session, repeated once every 1-2 weeks, is just right to see the best effects.

None. However, you may need to visit the washroom more frequently for a few hours following the treatment to get rid of the toxins.

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