Infuse Me Facial

Best suitable for:  Men and women with dryness, pigmentation, textural issues or large pores


Try it if: You want pure and baby soft skin

Infuse Me Treatment


Every touched a newborn baby’s cheeks and wished for the same skin? Now with Infuse Me, you can get as close as possible to cushiony skin. We use a micro-needling skin pen to create small channels in the skin that help us infuse serums and actives as per your skin concern (glow, pigmentation, anti-ageing, hydration).

Because the micro-needling pen also creates small, invisible injuries on the skin surface, it triggers the production of baby collagen, to heal from the trauma. This encourages skin to produce baby collagen, which is the collagen we produce in our early childhood days which is super effective for healing. The serum is also packed with peptides and antioxidants to hydrate skin and ensure pigmentation is kept at bay.

At Isya, we customize your serum to target your concerns, from pores to pigmentation to aging. Each of our serums is specially ordered to be clean enough to be deposited into the dermal layer. Only the best for our clients! Don’t worry, because the fine needles only work on the upper skin surface, leaving no marks or pain.

The need to knows:

Results take about two to five days to show, and each session lasts for about an hour. The needles are super tiny and painless, so don’t fret about that either. You can top this off with LED light therapy for the best results.

Typically 6 sessions are done with 1 session done monthly for the best results. Works for pores, pigmentation, dullness, aging skin, and dryness as well with truly miraculous results.

There’s only a slight tingling feeling and mild redness post the treatment that dies down within a day.

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