LHR For Fine Hairs

Many times we have harder facial hair growth on some parts of our face and body, while the other areas of the face and body may have fine hair growth. This phenomenon is called scattered hair growth. Our Neo LHR therapy effectively targets this issue of scattered hair growth, by focusing only on the specific area of concern without disturbing the surrounding skin tissues and hair follicles. The idea is to thin out the hair follicles and eventually minimize the overall growth. Most clients typically require 4-6 treatment sessions spread out over intervals of 4-6 weeks. Laser Hair Therapy involves no downtime with minimal pain. However, mild redness may occur post-treatment.

At Isya, we work along with you holistically to minimize the number of laser sittings required to see visible results, relative to other clinics since we take a results-oriented approach. Typically many of our clients require even less than a 6-12 month interval for maintenance of results.

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