Magick PRP/ Magick APRP

Why Magic? Because use our cloud wand to change a dreadful PRP into a dreamy PRP

PRP, also known as Platelet Rich Plasma, involves drawing your blood, treating it in our clinic, and injecting the growth factors of blood plasma back into your scalp to boost hair growth by activating stem cells. Magick PRP uses the power of pressurized air to infuse Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) into the skin and scalp, making this the first of- its kind, magical, the only needle-free PRP treatment in the world.

Magick APRP involves adding extra stem cells and other growth activities,customized according to your needs, into the regular Magick PRP treatment while using the same painless cloud technology.

Isya, being the first one to launch Magick PRP is also a pioneer in this technology.  We also have our own protocol where we combine it with hair boosting technology and also baby microinfusion for extra results during our MAGICK PRP program – meant as  a program.

Treatment Options



Try it if: Needles have stopped you from getting PRP before.

Regular PRP  needs about 4 sessions but since we are not injecting it using needles here, Magick PRP requires around 8-10 sessions. It needs more sessions because we need to infuse it deeper into the skin to achieve the same magnitude of results as the regular, injectable PRP.

Typically, we recommend 1 session weekly or bi-weekly with maintenance in order to get adequate deposition for better, longer-lasting results.

With Magick PRP/ APRP you get immediate long-lasting results with no downtime and no pain. Some mild redness may occur shortly.

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