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In India, we’re exposed to a plethora of factors that wreak havoc on our scalp. There’s thepollution, dirt, humidity and sweat from our everyday gym sessions.

All of this accelerates scalp problems like dandruff and sensitivity, leading to hair loss and poor hair quality. Our Haircial, which is like a facial for your scalp, is designed to infuse back vitamins and pollution-fighting actives back into the scalp.

A small tool creates micro-channels in the scalp and gentle suction helps lift the scalp skin, allowing for deeper perforation of acustomised serum. The micro channels create tiny injuries that encourage the growth of ‘baby collagen’ in the scalp and the serum helps clear the pores and detox, allowing forhealthier hair growth.

The best part? It’s completely painless.

The need to knows:

Each session lasts for an hour and results take a few weeks to appear. Try spacing out four

Sessions with gaps of 15 days each for maximum results.

The after effects: None.

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