Get Festive-Ready with Luxurious Facials in Delhi

Get Festive-Ready with Luxurious Facials in Delhi

Get Festive-Ready with Luxurious Facials in Delhi

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Transform Your Skin in the Celebrity Style for the Celebrations Ahead

The festive season calls for radiant skin that gleams with health and vitality. For the men and women of Delhi, here’s your passport to achieving that coveted glow with three signature facials designed to elevate your beauty game.

NY Facial 4D in Delhi: Glamour Straight from New York

Dr. Kiran’s iconic NY Facial in Delhi, born from her expertise cultivated in New York, is a must for modern Delhi men and women. This facial, beloved by magazine editors and endorsed by Band Baaja Bride, is a comprehensive solution. It rejuvenates your skin, addressing concerns like pigmentation, dullness, and lines through a tailored process. With 4D laser technology and personalized masks, this 3-step treatment yields immediate results lasting for months.

How does it work?

Customized 3-step process involving exfoliation, 4D laser technology, personalized masks, and LED light treatment for immediate and long-lasting results.

Who is it for?

Ideal for brides-to-be and individuals aged 20-50, targeting concerns like pigmentation, dullness, lines, and uneven skin texture.

Time duration- Approximately 2 hours per session.

Process- Customized exfoliation, 4D laser treatment, personalized mask application, and LED light therapy.

After effects- Mild dryness or redness may occur temporarily, easily coverable with makeup.

Pre-facial prep- Minimal prep required; avoid excessive sun exposure or harsh treatments before the session.

Power Facials In Delhi: Red Carpet-Ready Radiance

Designed for luminous skin, the Power Facial in Delhi is a 360-degree therapy favored by celebrities preparing for red-carpet events. Dr. Kiran’s team employs a blend of cutting-edge techniques, including microdermabrasion and advanced laser therapy, to combat fine lines, pigmentation, and sagging skin. This 4-step facial, punctuated by collagen-boosting LED treatments, offers instant and lasting results perfect for the festive season.

How does it work?

4-step process including microdermabrasion, laser therapy, collagen infusion, and Instalift technology for immediate and long-term skin enhancement.

Who is it for?

Suitable for individuals aged 20-50 dealing with fine lines, pigmentation, open pores, and sagging skin.

Time duration– Expect around 3 hours for a complete session.

Process– Microdermabrasion, laser therapy, collagen infusion, and Instalift technology for skin tightening.

After Effects– Possible flushing, mild dryness, or redness post-treatment.

Pre-facial prep– Avoid using harsh skincare products or treatments before the session.

K Glow Facial in Delhi: Sustained Radiance and Revitalization

The K Glow Facial is the answer to maintaining that post-facial glow. It’s a custom-designed treatment combining micro-needling, personalized active ingredients, and specialized lasers, leaving your skin rejuvenated for months. Dr. Kiran’s transformative technology, along with LED therapy, ensures sustained radiance for your face, under the eyes, neck, and lips.

How does it work?

Combines micro-needling, personalized actives, and specialized laser treatment for sustained skin rejuvenation.

Who is it for?

Tailored for individuals aged 20-50 seeking prolonged radiance, targeting diverse skin concerns.

Time duration– Typically performed every 3-4 months for continuous benefits.

Process– Micro-needling, customized actives infusion, and specialized laser treatment.

After Effects– Mild redness occasionally; avoidance of sun exposure for a week after treatment.

Pre-facial prep– No specific prep is needed; avoid sun exposure or harsh treatments prior to the session.

Each of these facials in Delhi comes with its unique benefits, addressing diverse skin concerns with immediate and long-term effects. Whether you’re preparing for a special occasion or simply seeking a radiant look, these facials cater to your needs.

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