Dermatologist Facials vs. Salon Facials: Which is Better?

Dermatologist Facials vs. Salon Facials: Which is Better?

Dermatologist Facials vs. Salon Facials: Which is Better?

Dermatologist Facials vs. Salon Facials: Which is Better? | Isya Aesthetics in Vasant Vihar, Delhi

We don’t realise how much stress we put onto our skin. We want it to look absolutely flawless, but are we really putting in the work?

Issues that can affect skin like dryness, large pores, oiliness, or sensitivity can greatly be controlled with administration of extra product, specific to targeting the cause of the issue.

The best way for this? Facials.

While your nearest salon probably offers a relaxing fix, nibbing the problem in the bud might be more worth your while. This is where a dermatologist’s facial comes in.


What your skin might be going through

Your skin could use a break. While a number of factors affect the health of our skin, such as the food we consume, stress and regular exercise, a number of external factors do as well.

  • Pollution dries out our skin and adds a build-up of dirt which leads to clogged pores.
  • Stress causes an overproduction of sebum, that might clog pores and cause acne and blackheads.
  • Dead skin cells that shed onto our phones and pillows lie there until they’re put back in contact with our skin, further clogging pores.
  • Over exposing our skin to the sun means damages skin cells and faster aging.
  • Sometimes the skin isn’t getting the hydration it needs.
  • With age comes a number of factors like fine lines, wrinkles and thinning skin.

How do facials work and why are they important?

Facials can do wonders to your skin, especially to target concerns you might have. Here are eight ways facials work, and why they’re important.


Exfoliation removes the build-up of dirt and dead skin cells from the outmost layer of the skin. This is achieved through scrubbing the skin, either with the use of machinery or by hand.

This can help unclog pores and also bring a fresh layer of the skin to the surface, giving a clean and healthy appearance.

Professional Hands

When you opt for a facial, you’re putting your skin into professional hands. Your dermatologist knows what they are doing and the correct techniques to do them in.

Through their existing knowledge, they can help you understand your skin type better, what problems it’s facing and how to work towards solving them.


Clean Pores

Facials help get rid of blackheads and dirt build up in the pores. Clogged pores is a major cause for acne and other skin conditions.

Hydration Based on Your Skin Type

 Depending on the type of skin you have; dry, oil, combination or sensitive you can get a boost of hydration. All products don’t suit all skin types and a skin specialist will use what works best for your skin type.


Blood Circulation

The skin gets a good massage when the aesthetician is administering product into the skin. This promotes blood circulation in the skin which leads to healthy skin as well as a nice beautiful glow!

Relaxing for Muscles

Leaning off the last point, the massage in facials helps relax the muscles in the face and neck. With daily stressors, you might not even realise what muscles you’re subconsciously keeping tense. This means that apart from the benefit to your skin, a facial will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.


Solve Specific Skin Problems

Facials can be adapted to fit your personal goals and requirements. Whether this is improving the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles or getting rid of acne and scarring, your facial can be customised for you.

Take Advice on Lifestyle Habits

Apart from working towards solving your skin woes, you can also get advice on the type and behaviour of your skin and what lifestyle habits can help improve them from a dermatologist. Whether this be spending less time in direct sunlight, drinking more water or using a water-based cleanser – it is sure to benefit!


Difference between Salon Facials & Dermatologist Facials

Going to a dermatologist requires more research, time and commitment than just walking into a salon for a facial. But going to a doctor to solve your skin problems is definitely a smarter move, especially if you want a permanent fix and an assurance for good quality and expertise.  

  1. While salon facials bring results to the outer most layer of the skin, medical facials work on deeper skin levels and solve the issue closest to the root level. Products and machinery can penetrate deeper for more long lasting and permanent results. 
  1. You can customize a dermatologist facial as per your needs. Your doctor will be able to give professional advice about solving your issues and be better equipped to deal with your personal combination of problem areas, rather than very general facials that don’t always cater to each combination of skin and problem.
  1. Dermatologists can combine a number of treatments to suit your skin. They can adjust the intensity of a treatment, the duration of it as well as combine two or more treatments depending on your requirement. They can choose to skip steps that might be unnecessary for you and add those that will benefit.
  1. Our skin renews itself every few weeks and medical facials work by expediting this process. It works on a deeper level than regular facials that only make a difference at surface level. Hence, the benefits of medical facials last longer which is definitely more worth your while. 
  1. An added advantage of getting a medical facial is the assurance of the use of good ingredients and high-quality equipment. Professionals are trained well and you lower your risk of getting treated by someone who isn’t trained well enough to treat specific.
  1. Medical supervision throughout your treatment is a bonus in a dermatologist’s facial!
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