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Hair Loss Treatment for Men in Delhi

We all experience hair loss. You can see your strands in your brush or comb when you brush your hair, or in the shower drain while you wash it. The truth is, shedding about 50 strands a day is completely normal for both men and women.

This is because each strand is in a different stage of growth–so while one strand could be growing, the other could reaching the end of its life cycle. Some people’s growth stage lasts longer than the rest, which is why you will notice your friends might be able to grow their hair longer than you.

But when does it become a cause for concern? When you begin to see shedding on your sofa or pillow, without any external friction, that’s where it all turns sour.

Hair loss can happen due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, vitamin deficiencies and genetics. It can also occur due to aging, sun exposure, excess hair treatments like keratin and perming, and incorrect hair product usage.

It is also more common in men and usually called Male Pattern Baldness or Androgenetic Alopecia (which gets worse with age!), but it can also happen in women (called Female Pattern Hair Loss). Dr. Sethi and her team have specialized in trichology and offer a 360-degree solution for falling strands.

We monitor everything from your lifestyle, nutrition and existing hair health and offer advice that you must follow in complement to our long-lasting in-clinic treatments.

Treatment Options

PRP & Advanced PRP

Try it if: You want a completely natural way to fight hair loss

How does it work?

Say hello to a completely natural way of tackling hair loss. PRP, also known as Platelet Rich Plasma, involves drawing your blood, treating it in our clinic and injecting the growth factors of blood plasma back into your scalp to boost hair growth by activating stem cells.

This is super effective to encourage hair growth, with long-lasting results. It’s FDA-approved and a 100% safe and natural way of solving almost every skin and hair issue.

Advanced PRP involves adding extra stem cells and other hair boosting actives, customized accordingly to your needs into the regular PRP treatment. This can boost results and improve both hair and scalp health.

The need to knows:

A gentle anaesthetic is applied to the scalp. A typical session lasts for an hour and results are immediate. You will need 3-4 sessions, repeated once every month for best results. Results start showing in 3-6 months.

What are the after effects?

A little sensitivity and heaviness may occur for three to four days.Avoid this one if you have to shampoo or blow-dry your hair, or if you have blood thinning drugs or low platelets.


Try it if: Your scalp needs a detox from pollution or dandruff

How does it work?

In India, we’re exposed to a plethora of factors that wreak havoc on our scalp. There’s the pollution, dirt, humidity and sweat from our everyday gym sessions. All of this accelerates scalp problems like dandruff and sensitivity, leading to hair loss and poor hair quality.

Our Haircial, which is like a facial for your scalp, is designed to infuse back vitamins and pollution-fighting actives back into the scalp. A small tool creates micro-channels in the scalp and gentle suction helps lift the scalp skin, allowing for deeper perforation of a customised serum.

The micro channels create tiny injuries that encourage the growth of ‘baby collagen’ in the scalp and the serum helps clear the pores and detox, allowing for healthier hair growth. The best part? It’s completely painless.

The need to knows:

ach session lasts for an hour and results take a few weeks to appear. Try spacing out four sessions with gaps of 15 days each for maximum results.

The after effects:



Try it if: To increase hair growth and fight scalp problems

How does it work?

There’s no need for you to hide your head beneath caps and scarves. This therapy is a combo of high frequency antiseptic and antibacterial stimulation, combined with scalp LED. High frequency ozone therapy is used all over the scalp to kill acne-causing bacteria and reduce dandruff.

Then, we use LED light therapy to boost hair growth with gentle red light. This results in scalp stimulation, rejuvenation and increased hair growth.

The need to knows:

You will need to commit to this treatment once or twice a week till you complete 8-12 sessions of treatments that are 45-60 minutes each. 

What are the after effects?


Hydrafacial Keravive

Who says facials are just for your face? We at Isya, do not treat our scalps like vestigial organs of the body. Say hello to Hydrafacial Kerevive!

How Does It Work?
Hydrafacial Keravive is a unique & relaxing 3- step Scalp Health Treatment that is specially designed to Cleanse, Exfoliate, Nourish & Hydrate the scalp to give you healthier, fuller looking Hair for all skin and hair types.

It is US FDA-approved treatment that uses Patent Vortex Technology to extract dirt, oil & impurities from the scalp. It works to deeply exfoliate the scalp by cleansing hair follicles to boost circulation.

The best results of Hydrafacial Keravive can be seen in those with a dehydrated scalp, clogged follicles, dead skin congestion, and poor scalp circulation. It also hydrates and nourishes the scalp and hair follicles with growth factors and proteins to promote a healthy scalp by infusing Peptide Solution.

What you should know:

Hydrafacial Keravive lasts for a duration of 45 min to 1hr, with around 3-6 sessions required weekly, that can then can be continued on a monthly basis to maintain scalp health. It is a safe, painless procedure with no downtime.

What are the after-effects?

Do’s- Wash your scalp properly prior to the day of treatment.

Dont’s –

Do not wash or oil your scalp for 24 hrs
No Topical or any Chemical Treatments over the scalp
For Post Care – Use Peptide Growth Complex Spray for 30 days.

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