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Dr. Kiran has written a beauty bible on all things skin, hair, skincare, therapies, hormones, PCOS, and diet!

This book is a myth-busting, fuss-free manual, power-packed with updated and practical advice on how best to care for your skin with the right routine, products, and food.

Hectic urban living poses many challenges to our skin: from pollution and the weather to our fast-paced lifestyle and the accompanying stress. And the biggest effect of these is felt on the largest organ of our body – our skin. In Skin Sense, expert skin doctor Dr Kiran Sethi gives cutting-edge advice on how to take care of our skin and fight signs of aging, providing hacks that make for the perfect skincare routine. From serums and retinol to collagen and vitamin A, Dr. Sethi breaks through the clutter and demystifies not only these ingredients but also the products and tools available in the market while also sharing advice for PCOS skin issues. She shares nutrition-based tips and detailed meal plans that ensure you glow inside-out. For the first time ever, you have the secret to healthy, luminous skin all in one place from the specialist herself.

Skin Sense is the ultimate guide to healthy skin from one of India’s most sought-after skin specialists.
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