At Isya, we have stock a host of supplements to complement your nutrition needs. We also have our own supplements including:

A beauty food made from refining high quality fresh water pearls that promote your inner and outer radiance.

Pearl has been used in Ayurveda as well as in traditional chinese medicine (TCM) as far back as 320 A.D. The only female empress in Chinese history, WuZetian, used pearl for its beauty benefits, and ayurvedic practitioners still use this magic element.

Ayurveda places Pearl Powder – Mukta Pishti – on a pedestal. It believes that pearl powder regulates internal body heat and regulates digestive processes of the body.

There is an increasing amount of modern science to support the validity of the ancient wisdom about pearl. Pearl powder has at least 30 trace minerals, along with calcium, iron, copper, magnesium, silica, and selenium which are needed for healthy hormones, strong immune system and youthful skin. Some of these minerals are also effective in preventing acne!

IV Vitamin Drips

Pearl also contains amino acids, including essential amino acids that your body can’t make its own and need to get from outside sources for optimal health. Ever wonder what gives pearl their strikingly beautiful luminescence? You can thank conchiolin for that.

This protein is what promotes healthy collagen production which gives your skin that glowing appearance. In fact, it has similar effects to keratin – a protein found in your skin and hair – to improve cell metabolism, increase circulation, and repair damaged cells.

Overall, Isya’s Glow Dust helps make skin radiant, boosts immunity, bones and helps soothes mental anxiety and uplifts the mood, making you more optimistic and energetic about your daily challenges.

IV Treatment


Think of your skin like a paper that gets folded over and over again, forming creases. The folds are caused by repetitive facial action, such as frowning, raising your eyebrows or smiling.

BOTOX, short for botulinum toxin A, sounds scarier than it actually is. This purified protein acts locally to gently paralyze local muscles so that wrinkles cannot form. It does not get absorbed systemically, and it is generally completely safe!

It is commonly used for the forehead, glabella and around the eyes, so that the face looks years younger and wrinkle-free.

BOTOX has often enjoyed a notorious reputation due to its tendency to reduce the signs of ageing and relax the face muscles. But what do you do when the wrinkles, crow’s feet and frown lines rain down on your whole look?

The truth is, BOTOX sounds scarier than it actually is and enjoys a bad rap usually because it’s done by untrained aestheticians. It is simply a purified protein that gently paralyzes muscles to avoid formation of wrinkles.

At Isya, we make sure it is never absorbed by the body and done with uttermost care by trained docs, so the muscles are relaxed not frozen.  We want you to look like you and express yourself! We don’t want to freeze you!

Thanks to Dr. Kiran Sethi’s Le Beau Ideal technique, you’ll look naturally amazing, never frozen. The most common areas it works on are the forehead, glabella, mouth, neck and around the eyes. It can even be used to fix a droopy smile and for jawline slimming and tightening.

The need to knows:

The effect of each 10-minute session lasts for about three months. There is numbing of the area being treated involved, if needed.

Typically, its easy-peasy. Just go on to work right afterwards! Some mild bumpiness in the area may be there, but that goes away within an hour or two.

Don’t lay flat for a few hours so that the BOTOX doesn’t migrate. If it does migrate to nearby muscles, which is rare, you can have short-term eyelid drooping or drooping brows–but this is also completely treatable with simple eye drops.

There’s also a small risk of infection and bruising, but topical antiseptics prevent this from occurring.

$-$ depending on area and need

BOTOX is very safe, and generally is without side effects. Rarely, some BOTOX may migrate to nearby muscles, causing short-term eyelid drooping or drooping vision. Luckily, this side effect is treatable. Otherwise, there is a slight risk of infection, but usually prophylactic topical antiseptics moderate this.

BOTOX typically lasts about 3 months, but in those that do BOTOX regularly; they will find that the duration between visits will increase! Essentially, this is because the muscles that cause the wrinkles become weaker over time as they are being used less. So, wrinkles become harder to form!

Those people that have dynamic wrinkles, meaning that wrinkles form on facial movements, are the best candidates for BOTOX. Also, people with drooping brows, heavy jawlines (masseter hypertrophy), drooping smiles, gummy smiles, wrinkled neck and more can do this for great results!

Forehead LinesCrows Feet
Brow LiftLip Lines or Wrinkles
Drooping SmileGummy Smile
Cheek & Jawline SlimmingNefertiti Lift for Neck Wrinkling and Sagging

At Isya Aesthetics, we are known as the best centre for BOTOX and Fillers in India. Using Dr. Lohia’s Le Beau Ideal  technique, we aim for natural results so you look gloriously refreshed instead of frozen!

Many people have tried various anti-aging procedures and BOTOX treatment is one of them. It is emerging as a popular, safe and simple cosmetic procedure undertaken by many women and men to eliminate signs of ageing.

Although it has very little to no recovery time and close to zero side effects, it will not necessarily suit every individual.

Although BOTOX is generally safe and effective for most patients seeking anti-ageing treatments, there are some things to consider before investing in it. First, visit a trusted dermatologist and aesthetic doctor; he/she will examine your health as well as medical history.

Based on their analysis, he/she can tell you whether or not you are a candidate for  BOTOX treatment.

Other instances when the treatment is usually not carried out are as follows:

  • Are you under the age of 18? If yes, then this treatment isn’t for you. Since the muscles are not fully developed yet, we cannot go forward with the treatment until your muscles have reached adult age.
  • Planning to get pregnant anytime soon? Pregnant women are not recommended to go through this procedure simply to avoid any complications.Also, women who are currently breastfeeding are not recommended to take treatment. Better safe than sorry, right?
  • Suffering from any neuromuscular disease? This includes the conditions multiple sclerosis and myasthenia gravis. If you have a neuromuscular disease, BOTOX treatment is a big no-no.
  • BOTOX treatment can interfere with certain drugs as well. So, if you are taking certain medications, such as antibiotics of the aminoglycoside class, avoid this treatment.

Apart from the above, if you are suffering from Epilepsy, chronic breathing conditions, Dysphagia, Haemophilia, or recently had an eye surgery, we recommend skipping BOTOX treatment and going for a procedure more suitable for you.

Although if anything mentioned in the above list applies to you and you really want the treatment, we may be able to go forth with it by being extra cautious and avoiding the occurrence of any unnecessary complications.

Discussing each and every possibility with a trained practitioner will eliminate the risks involved.

The above contraindications are just an intent to facilitate an incredible outcome for your treatment. We want you to be safe and see you happy with the results.

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