10 Interesting Skin And Health Hacks That Can Keep You Looking Young

10 Interesting Skin And Health Hacks That Can Keep You Looking Young

10 Interesting Skin And Health Hacks That Can Keep You Looking Young

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Fresh, youthful skin and a fit body is the eternal goal. Everyone wants to look their best, possibly even younger than they may be, for the rest of their lives. While this may be an unrealistic ideal, a few surprising tweaks to your lifestyle can make sure your skin stays glowy and youthful for longer and you remain healthy overall.

Stress Management

Stress is unfortunately a universal aggressor and tends to affect us all from time to time. If you’re able to manage your stress effectively, you’ll notice a positive impact on your overall well being.

Adopting practices like yoga, meditation or even an everyday run to start your day can instantly put you in a better state of mind, reducing the physical and mental effects of stress and preventing early signs of aging.

Good Fat

What if we told you that consuming fat, the good kind, can actually make your skin better? Well, it’s true. Good fats from nuts, butter, plant-based oils and fruits like avocados, when consumed in moderation, help your body function smoothly and also keep your skin nourished, glowy and plump.

The best time to consume fats is in the morning, with breakfast, so your body can use them as fuel over the course of the day.


There’s a reason everyone’s always talking about the importance of exercise—it truly does have plenty of health benefits. Incorporating at least 30 minutes of exercise in your everyday routine helps release toxins, breaks down tissues and helps repair them.

This keeps your bones and muscles constantly working, keeping you fit and also adding a natural radiance to your skin.

Positive Attitude

A positive mindset leads to a positive life. Thinking negative thoughts, stressing about the future and allowing toxicity to weigh you down goes on to impact your skin and body.

Maintaining a positive outlook towards life, whether that is by way of daily affirmations or even reading books on the subject can add years to your life.

Healthy Diet

A healthy, nourishing diet is the best way to keep yourself free of ailments, keep your body fit and your skin, blemish and concern-free.

A balanced diet with adequate amounts of carbohydrates, protein and fat along with any vitamin or mineral supplements you may need is a lifelong practice to ensure your body stays healthy, internally and externally, and your skin glows from the minute you wake up till you sleep.


While yoga may have gained popularity through the older demographic, today, younger adults are increasingly taking on the practice, and for good reason.

It’s a full body workout, helps tone and strengthen it and also improves your mental health. Certain yoga poses like the headstand have a plethora of overall health benefits, all of which contribute to keeping your body functioning well, and keep you youthful for longer.

Good Sleep

Uninterrupted sleep is the most underrated way to live a healthy life. Getting at least 6-8 hours of sleep every night is essential for you to give your skin and body enough time to rejuvenate and wake up fresh.

Also, stay away from digital devices (yes, that includes your phone), for at least an hour before you go to bed so your body and mind can truly relax before tuning out for the day.


A face and body massage goes a long way to allow your skin and muscles to heal and regenerate. If you can’t sign up for a professional body treatment, you can always do it yourself.

Use a gua sha or face roller for about 10-15 minutes for your facial skin and for your body, use a dry brush followed by an oil massage using your hands, starting from your feet and moving upwards.

Keep It Wet

Did you know that skincare is best applied on damp, as opposed to dry skin? Applying your skincare on damp skin allows the products to penetrate better, working harder for you.

Instead of drying your skin completely after washing it, lightly pat it to soak up dripping water and then go in with your serum or moisturiser to give it the care it deserves.

Posture While You Sleep

How you sleep also impacts your skin and posture. It’s best to sleep on your back to prevent the formation of early wrinkles, ensure your back and spine get enough rest and a chance to realign, and for your gut to rejuvenate as well without the weight of your body on it.

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