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Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover
July 23, 2015 Dr. Lohia

After having a baby, your face and figure suffer. Pregnancy and delivery take a serious toll on our faces, our breasts, our tummies, legs and more! Some pregnant women suffer from pigmentation, acne or a lack of glow. Some notice increased sagging in their breasts, tummy, butt and thighs after delivery. Stretch marks are practically guaranteed from a pregnancy, as is the excess weight that sits on the body oftentimes refusing to disappear. And hair fall is definitely part and parcel of the post-delivery process, often occurring up to one year after delivery.

Common Problems Women Suffer After Delivery

Melasma Pigmentation
Marks Acne
Stretch Marks Loose Skin (abdomen, thighs, arms, butt, face)
Breast Sagging Cellulite
Excess Fat Hair Fall


Treat your mind, body and soul with our comprehensive program. At Isya Aesthetics, we have the best 360-degree treatments for your skin, hair and body post-pregnancy woes.

Our therapies are completely non-invasive and most are safe to do even while you are breastfeeding! And, afterwards, you can resume your normal life so you don’t require any rest period and there is no downtime. Isya Aesthetics’s exclusive Mommy Makeover is made just for you busy moms who desire to feel and look better without it being time consuming!

Click on the thumbnails below to learn about a few of the treatments we offer that can be included in your tailor-made Mommy Makeover!

  • Cooltech Complete: Fat Freezing/Cryolipolysis

    Cooltech has come out and it is the latest, most effective and most advanced technology for fat removal. In fact,…

  • Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatments

    Let your body naturally heal itself with the science of Platelet-Rich Plasma, otherwise known as PRP.

  • Accent Ultra V

    Looking for a gorgeous figure, but don’t want to go under the knife? You are not alone. Its not only…

  • Ulthera

    US FDA Approved Ulthera Ultralift is the best treatment for under eye circles, sagging, tightening and lifting for the face…

  • Facials for Glow & Tan Removal in Delhi India

    Silhouette Thread Facelifting

    At Isya Aesthetics, we offer the best treatments for your ageing skin. The Silhouette Lift is another of our renowned…

  • Facials for Glow & Tan Removal in Delhi India

    Glow & Maintenance

    At Isya Aesthetics, we offer the absolute best treatments for glow in India. With our wide array of facials and…

  • Stretch Mark Treatments

    Stretch marks can be quite cosmetically disfiguring and difficult to deal with. Those irritating pink, purple or white lines prevent…

  • Mommy Makeover Packages

    Get your face and body skin tight and unblemished with the Mommy Makeover package! Tailor-mode for you based on your…

  • ReSCULPT Skin Tightening

    The Latest Treatment to Treat Sagging & Aging Skin on the Face & Body – US FDA Approved ReSCULPT

  • Plasma RX Resurfacing

    Plasma Rx Skin Resurfacing

    In today’s competitive life where looks matter more and more, we all want to look amazing. With growing age and…

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