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Cooltech Complete: Fat Freezing/Cryolipolysis
January 27, 2015 Dr. Lohia

Cooltech: Advanced procedure than Cryolipolysis / CoolSculpting

Searching for Cryolipolysis / CoolSculpting in Delhi or the best Cryolipolysis clinic in Delhi? Go for superior procedure; Cooltech & avoid replicas

Get in shape, by the leader in body sculpting, IsyaTM New York Aesthetics & a dermatologist who keeps the celebs in shape. Shed your extra inches with Cooltech/Cryolipolysis in Delhi at the best inch loss clinic/center in South Delhi.

Why Us

  • You will be treated under the supervision of New York based Dermatologist Dr. Kiran Lohia who was born, educated and trained in New York and now practices in New Delhi. She is a leading cosmetic surgeon, whose repute, renounce and knowledge of the face, skin and body is second to none.
  • Dr. Kiran Lohia is named as the best dermatologist in India by Elle Magazine. You may have heard a lot about her in the media, TV shows, and top skin experts call or from a client recommendation and you can get best Cooltech body sculpting from her with an easy consultation.
  • We are a leader in Body Sculpting.
  • We are one of the very few centers in India offering original & advanced Cooltech® machine designed by Cocoon Medical based in Spain.
  • Cooltech® is CE certified (European Conformity). We specialize in non-invasive, nonsurgical cosmetic treatments, with safe or less or no downtime afterwards, and, all the more importantly too, all our treatments offered are science-tested, tried, and results-driven. You look and feel better after leaving the clinic.
  • We have staff trained by Cooltech®. We focus on providing treatments that most effectively treat body or any skin concern you may have, including permanent fat, loose skin, excess body or facial hair, wrinkles, fine lines, acne, thread veins, and sweating.
  • Dr. Kiran Lohia is a key Opinion Leader for Cooltech. The device is suitable for almost all body parts.
  • Personalized treatment for all patients depending on need. The ace lady dermatologist has established a centre which provides a substitute for clients who have body and skin concerns which require more than a routine care but do not need anything invasive. Accordingly, she selected the best skin professionals in the business to look after you and your body.
  • Very long lasting, faster, pain-free & much higher decrease in percentage of fat compared to plain Fat Freezing.
  • Can see result in just 30 days
  • Every Cooltech® machine undergoes into the same rigorous testing where as Chinese brands are seriously lacking at testing part, due to which patient has to suffer.
  • You will be treated under highly-skilled, experienced and amicable team of skin professionals who are really spirited about the patients, clients and the procedures we do.
  • We are best known for our highly talented and friendly team of experts, and that we amalgamate a reassuring professionalism with a greeting attitude and dispelling your fears that makes the clinic feel like a retreat of tranquil.
  • We provide our patients with calm and comfortable private rooms where you can relax before and after your procedure.
  • We offer our patients with complimentary herbal teas, beverages and other little extras to make your visit more delightful.
  • We have registered aesthetic practitioner and aesthetic nurses who have undergone the rigorous training for the treatments we offer.
  • Whether you are with us for a treatment, single session, course or a consultation, you will be able to soothe and walk out with self assurance and credence you need that you have made an impressionable difference to your body and skin.

What is Cryolipolysis / CoolSculpting / Cooltech?

There is a big advertising push in the business world and often it is first in, best draped for success. A few years ago, cryolipolysis fat freezing by Zeltiq bumped in into the market in the form of a fat zapper device called CoolSculpting by Zeltiq. Coolsculpting is an FDA approved device in USA and is a form of non-invasive fat reduction to remove excessive fat deposits mainly from abdomen, back and love handles. Since its inception, it is been one of the most known newly innovated non-surgical treatments to get rid of permanent fat and flab. However, when Cocoon Medical introduced the CoolTech™ – the no needle, no blade, no scar, no pain device to freeze fat, and the pricing and results seem to be overwhelming the fat-freezing market industry in blizzard.

Without raiding the market with propagative advertisements and incoherent patients, CoolTech has actually let its results talk for themselves. They appear to have established themselves up as an ‘economical cost plus larger area’ per treatment for fat freezing.

As many of us may have a faceoff with other ‘pickups or pay for’ at some point in your life, economical knock-offs hardly if ever have the excellence of the original. This is particularly true with the one and patented, FDA-approved, CE certified (European Conformity), dermatologic procedures, such as body sculpting with Cocoon Medical’s Cooltech. Because Cooltech is immensely effective, quality product and patients tend to be delighted with its results. A plentiful of deceitful companies specially from China, has come up with replicas that try to sell you on the same principle proposition. Although, these knockoffs have not been certified or approved by the FDA and have not been subjected to the same stringent testing that Cooltech has.

The other prominent benefit of the original Cooltech is that Cocoon Medical needs practitioners to be certified through their training program prior to providing Cooltech™ to patients. Cooltech is just what the name suggests: Shaping and casting the body by permanently shedding the indelible fat by cooling it. That means you are paying for aptitude in anatomy and aesthetics as well as for the real, scientifically-backed, FDA-approved body sculpting treatment. It is advisable to always avail a board-certified dermatologist to obtain the best results with Cooltech fat reduction procedure.

Cryolipolysis is a procedure of freezing fat cells for the purpose of destroying them in a methodical and scientific way. It is a product by Zeltiq. It requires using cryolipolysis treatment with great caution unlike that of modern Cooltech which is only performed by certified dermatologists only.


How much Cryolipolysis/CoolSculpting/Cooltech cost?

  • Cryolipolysis/CoolSculpting® by Zeltiq: 20,000 per session/applicator
  • Cooltech® by Cocoon Medical: 22,000 per session/ applicator (Area covered by the applicator is larger in comparison to CoolSculpting so CoolTech is actually a cost effective option with good results)
  • CoolSculpting/Fat Freezing by Chinese brands: 5,000 – 9,000 per session/ applicator depending on the center and locality
  • Cheaper versions are also available which seriously compromise on the quality of the treatment

Perhaps one of the most winning things you would like about CoolTech™ is its hugely competitive pricing for the treatments. CoolSculpting has shown a significant increase in its price since they first came into the market. While CoolTech, on the contrary, have kept their machine and consumable costs at a much more manageable rates meaning the clinic, services and the patient win when it comes to the cost of each treatment.

Cooltech already has accomplishments of a million treatments in Europe and even the early results are very promising. New York based top Dermatologist Dr. Kiran Lohia who is now also offering her services in New Delhi is leading the way in India with the number of CoolTech treatments she has performed. The rockin’ team headed by Dr. Lohia has performed numerous CoolTech treatments since past year that they have had the device in their practice. Concerned by the higher and increasing costs associated with CoolSculpting and other fat freezing devices, many practitioners and patients prefer CoolTech. Not just because of the most competitive price possible, but CoolTech is still loved for the outcomes for patients.


Areas We Can Treat

Arms Bra Roll
Inner Thighs Outer Thighs
Front and Back Thighs Fat Around Knees
Calves Butt
Abdomen Flanks
Love Handles

Why Cryolipolysis/Cooltech is known as non-invasive procedure?

These procedures do not use needles, no incisions, or any cutting tool and is pain-free.

Few facts about Cryolypolysis/CoolSculpting & Cooltech?

  • Cryolipolysis machine has 2 to 4 probes only (Chinese Machines offer the same) Cooltech has 6 Unique Applicators For Total Body Sculpting.
  • It has a dual paddle system that can treat 2 areas with 1 device in a very less time as compared to other fat freezing zappers.
  • All centers offering Cryo are mostly using Chinese machines where as CoolTech machine is CE certified
    (European Conformity) & the procedure is FDA approved.
  • The principle on which Cooltech is based on is called as Cryolipolysis. This typically means breakdown or dissolution of fat cells / tissues (lipolysis) by the application of cooling (cryo). It conducts controlled cold exposure, to produce effective, non-invasive, non-anesthetic and targeted destruction to fat cells.
  • The entire concept lays on the foundation that there is a good difference in fat’s vulnerability to the cold as compared to the skin. It has been both scientifically and clinically proven that fat freezes at quite a higher temperature than the rest of the skin does. On that account you can freeze the fat at a certain temperature, but not damage the skin.


How does CoolSculpting/Cryolipolysis/Cooltech® procedure work?

Earlier, about a decade back, the only way to get rid of excessive fat pockets, bumps and fat was the ‘Liposuction’ which is a surgical process and thus carries good amount of risk along. However, the new age technology insists on non surgical means for a safer and quality treatment which has become possible with Cooltech by Cocoon Medical and Coolsculpt by Zeltiq.

CoolSculpting/Cooltech is an aesthetic treatment that freezes the fat cell, causing them to die permanently while not disturbing the skin elasticity and collagen. The process stimulates breaking down and dissolving of the cells naturally. The natural death of the fat cells takes place when the temperature of fat cells beneath the skin is decreased to an extent that they freeze. Since the rest of the body structures need even more lower temperature to freeze; only the fat is being impacted. When frozen, inflammatory cells generated by the body start to absorb them so they are no longer solid compositions that contribute towards excess fat pockets in an area. That removed fat is then discared from the body by way of the lymphatic system, offering the body permanent results in even single sitting for some cases, for those with a brisk lymphatic flow. On a whole, Cryolipolysis/Cooltech fat freeze reduction process will gently reduce the fat layer in a part of the body while conserving all other tissue.

With Cooltech, the targeted fat can be reduced by 30-40% after just 1session and each area takes about 40-50 minutes depending upon the accumulation of fat and response of the person to device. The patient can go back home or work immediately afterwards with a little soreness, like you just had some serious gym session. The good thing with Cryolipolysis/Cooltech is that it does not demand the patient to undergo any sort of special diet and workout to get this done. As long as you are able to maintain your body weight, you will notice the fat deposits melting off largely over the next 1-3 months effortlessly. And, it last for all time as long as you do not put on weight.

In a study, it was observed that children those who eat more popsicles got dimples in their cheeks that imply cold cut down on fat. The idea behind Cooltech technology is that the cold can aim at fat cells—without causing any damage to the skin or surrounding tissue.

Ideal candidate for CoolSculpting/Cooltech

  • A perfect candidate for CoolSculpting/Cooltech is the one looking to reduce localized fat pockets, lumps or bulges for example large abdomen area, hips, thighs, flanks, arms lower back, chin, knee area or bra bulge and not wanting to shed immensely one-stop-shop excessive fat meant for like liposuction.
  • An ideal candidate should be within or close to their ideal body mass index (BMI) to see the best results. But, it can also be an outstanding motivation for those set about on a change in lifestyle. Extra session of treatment may be needed for lumpier areas of fat.


Ideal candidate for CoolSculpting/Cooltech

A perfect candidate for CoolSculpting/Cooltech is the one looking to reduce localized fat pockets, lumps or bulges for example large abdomen area, hips, thighs, flanks, arms lower back, chin, knee area or bra bulge and not wanting to shed immensely one-stop-shop excessive fat meant for like liposuction.
An ideal candidate should be within or close to their ideal body mass index (BMI) to see the best results. But, it can also be an outstanding motivation for those set about on a change in lifestyle. Extra session of treatment may be needed for lumpier areas of fat.

Is there any difference between Cryolipolysis, CoolSculpting & Cooltech

  • A huge plus is that, with 2 hand pieces dual paddle system, CoolTech™ can treat 2 areas with 1 device as well as twice the area that CoolSculpt does in the same time, implying that lesser treatment time and increased comfort for patients.
  • Coolsculpting can be effectively done on the back, abdomen, love handles, and back while CoolTech can treat almost any body part for excessive fat deposits including buttocks, arms, tummy, love handles, double chin, cheeks, inner/outer thighs, man boobs, bra bulge.
  • Cryolipolysis® & CoolSculpting®, both are brands of Zeltiq.
  • Cooltech is a brand of Cocoon Medical.
  • Price tag is a major difference. Cooltech is a much more economical fat reduction device than CoolSculpt.
  • All procedures are cool assisted lipolysis.


How long does the effect last?

The frozen fat cells are permanently discarded off from the body and the existing cells can only increase if you gain weight.

Ideal Candidate

How the Cooltech process carried out?

There are 6 applicators for customized solutions and total body contouring / sculpting. These 6 Unique Body Applicators have been specifically designed to sculpt, contour and refigure the body. These six different applicators harmonize with particular body parts. For instance, the Double HP in Cooltech is designed especially for treating huge abdominal areas while the small HP is ideal for those lesser fat deposits and bulges on the tummy, inner thighs, below the chin or where the armpit makes contact with the arm.

It is a controlled cooling device for cosmetic use. It has a Minimum temperature of -8ºC and Maximum power of 1000 W. It is exclusively designed with different Handpieces i.e., Double HP, Tiny HP, Curved HP, Oval HP, Straight HP, and Tight H

6 different Cooltech handles for complete body remodeling

After the first session of treatment, a patient can expect between 20% – 30% fat reduction in the treated area. Results can start to be noticeable in as less as 4 weeks after the first session and will see drastic outcome just after 8 weeks. The maximum number of treatment needed is 3 sittings per one area for promising results. There is no downtime, and no special garments required with CoolTech Fat Freeze treatments.

Are there any side effects of CoolSculpting/Cooltech?

During the fat freezing Cooltech or CoolSculpting treatment you may experience sensations of tingling, tugging, minor pinching, pulling, severe cold, stinging, cramping and aching at the area of treatment site. These sensations moderates and eventually dies out as the area becomes numb. Following the treatment, typical side effects include temporary soreness, redness, tenderness, stiffness, swelling, bruising, decolorizing, itching, skin sensitivity or a peculiar feeling of fullness in the back of the throat.

These side effects are just temporary and usually subside within few days or weeks. Though rare, some additional side effects may appear in cases with any medical concerns and procedure, ask your GP if the Cooltech or CoolSculpting procedure is suitable for you.

Post treatment

After 1 hour of cooling in any specific area, the cup applicator is taken off. You are likely to experience a mild inflammatory sensation to the area as the temperature in that region bounce back to normal. Once the applicator is taken off you will see that the region is slightly disfigured and probably bruised, which certainly is the expected reaction of just having your treated area of fat compressed and clutched in a vacuumed cup for 60 minutes. Your dermatologist will then gently massage this back flat and into a more usual appearance. Any rashes will fade away in the subsequent few hours afterwards. Any localized bruising, if it appears, generally fades off within a few weeks. Some patients generally confront a temporary numbness in the treated area which lasts up to 1-8 weeks.

Who should not go for Cooltech/Cryolipolysis/CoolSculpting?

  • People suffering from cold agglutinin disease, hemoglobinuria, cryoglobulinemia, or paroxysmal cold are not for Cooltech. The Cooltech treatment is not for obesity either.
  • Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding females and children under the age of 18 years old. Patients below 18 needs to provide informed parental consent, but still may not be considered as an ideal candidate as their body may not have developed fully.



The fat Freezing/Ice Body Sculpting Cosmetic/ Cryolipolysis treatment results in a remarkale and natural reduction of fat tissue, bypassing the nerve-wreaking experience of surgical procedures like – liposuction or tummy tuck, and the risk of irreversible harm to skin and surrounding tissue. The fat freezing treatment is also different from other non-invasive laser lipo procedures that use sonic wave lasers (like Laser Lipo, I-Lipo and Strawberry) it physically damages the fat cell, and no course of treatment is needed as with these other laser induced treatments. However Cooltech can be collaborated with non-invasive laser methods for fast and more effective results. No physical workout or diet is needed for the treatment to obtain best results and the results are permanent. The results are not usually as anticipated as traditional invasive treatments like tummy tuck or liposuction. But Fat Freezing is an effective and efficient substitute for those seeking to dodge the higher surgical expense, risk, pain, fear, anxiety and recovery time linked with the surgery.

So, get your Cooltech Complete done immediately for a stunning figure for life!

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