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Excessive Perspiration?

Don't Sweat it!!! BOTOX It

Excessive Perspiration Botox Treatment
February 26, 2015 Dr. Lohia

Botox is the latest advanced therapy for getting rid of that excess sweat! Made in vogue by famous celebrities like Kelly Ripa, Botox will prevent sweat stains, sweaty feet and sweaty palms for up to 6-8 months at a time. At Isya Aesthetics, we are highly experienced at treating you for those tell-tale signs with Botox.

How Does It Work?

Botox will stop the sweat glands from working by paralyzing their activity. See, each sweat gland also uses muscles to eject sweat and other materials out of the pores. By using Botox, those muscles become weaker so they are can’t make that sweat anymore!

How Do We Do It & How Long Does It Last?  

  • First we will do a starch test to identify where you are sweating the most. Remember, don’t apply antipersperants for 24 hours before this test!
  • Then we will do painless microinjections in the required areas using Botox! Yes, the injections are painless because we gently numb the area using simple creams, and then only do quick superficial infusions of the botox for the minimum of pain.
  • Requiring only one sitting every 6-12 months, your sweating will stop within the next few days, giving you dry and stain-free underarms, hands and feet for months!

Are There Any Risks?

Here at Isya Aesthetics, we offer the best treatment for hyperhidrosis or excess sweating. Our therapies are safe and ultra-effective! Typically, Botox in the underarms, palms and feet are very safe when done by an experienced practioner. The meso-injections are done very gently and superficially so that only the sweat glands get affected!

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