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You Are Doing It Wrong: Laser Hair Removal

You Are Doing It Wrong: Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal: Follow These Steps & You Will Get it Right

Skin, being one of the prime portions of our body comes with various problems. One of the most growing problems of skin is to maintain the unwanted hair growth, especially in the case of women.

The growth of hair in different parts of the body creates hesitation within the person to get out, while a waxing, shaving does not lead to long-term effect. However, the introduction of the laser hair removal treatment has definitely been a blessing on the behalf of science to all ladies suffering from hair growth problems. No sooner it did hit the market, it was embraced by most of the ladies in a bid to get rid of hair growth. The treatment functions in the way of entering laser beams through the skin that goes straight inside the skin breaking down the follicle that provides hair its color. This results in the permanent loss in the growth of hair on a respective body. The treatment was primarily adopted by Hollywood celebrities among those were Chrissy Teign and Khloe Kardashian, who realized a drastic change in her skin, a complete stoppage of the hair growth and thus stimulated the demand process among the public.

Moreover, it should be kept in mind that the treatment needs to be projected and executed by a specialist. A single wrong beam may result in the complete burn on your skin. A consultation with a dermatologist prior to receiving the treatment stands mandatory for any patient.

Kim Kardashian shares her delight and experience that she went through adapting the laser hair removal treatment. “ I had such a hairy neck”, she shares. She remained the hot topic of the city after her treatment as people went on wondering the secret behind the decline of unwanted hair on her face, neck, and the forehead. She expresses that the laser hair removal treatment stands much better than going through painful sessions of waxing or irritation that comes while shaving hair in an interval of a few weeks.

Get The Laser Apt For Your Skin ToneGet The Laser Apt For Your Skin Tone Image

Get The Laser Apt For Your Skin Tone: On a general note, the job of the laser is to detect the contrast that remains between the skin and the hair. It makes it more enriching and effective for ladies with light tan skin for women with darker hairs. Well, when the laser treatment hit the market, it was assumed that women with higher intensity of melanin or person with darker skin can have an adverse effect resulting in burning or hyperpigmentation. However, with time, science introduces different laser treatment for women of dark complexion.

The Assumption That Laser Hair Removal Treatment Stops Permanent Hair Growth: Hair growth being highly dependent on the individual, makes the statement of complete stoppage of hair growth post laser treatment absolutely fake. Hair growth rests a lot on the hormonal level of an individual, so people with higher level of androgens present in the body along with testosterone, is natural to expect faster hair growth even after laser hair removal treatment. However, it significantly decreases the intensity of growth of hair in an individual.

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