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(the fastest, most efficient way to recover from Diwali festivities!)
When you think of an IV infusion, what is the first thing that comes to mind? For many of you it is probably hospitals, doctors, illnesses, scary needles and misery. However, times are changing and so are the preconceptions surrounding IV infusions. During the past several years, A-list celebrities around the globe have confessed to using intravenous infusions as their crux during times of grueling social schedules and back-to-back appearances. Some of the most well-know celebrities supporting the infusion trend include Hollywood sweetheart Chrissy Teigen and British pop superstar Adele. Intrigued? I was too. So I dove in to find out what these IV infusions treat, if they are safe, who can get them, are they really worth the needlestick, and where are they available.


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The first thing I was curious about is how many concerns IV infusions can actually treat aside from the illnesses found in hospitals. The answers I found were much broader and more spectacular than I expected. Various, trendy IV infusion clinics around the world – from Las Vegas to Ibiza – boast they can treat anything from allergy symptoms, to hangovers, to skin dullness, to enhancing athletic performance, to body replenishment after intense exercise or travel! So why isn’t everyone getting them?

To this, I don’t have a good answer because these infusions are totally safe. For me, I didn’t even need to research their safety because of my medical training in the U.S. Being a medical student and resident doctor in New York City gave me all of the information I needed to know about IV infusion safety and more. When working in the hospital, you literally don’t think twice about placing an IV and giving a patient fluids. IVs help treat numerous symptoms from fever, to low blood pressure, to diarrhea and dehydration. You name it, an IV infusion is a simple, safe way to treat it (or at least keep unwanted symptoms at bay). Unless the patient is super swollen or has a severe heart or kidney problem, a bag of normal saline given through an IV will make just about anyone feel instantly better. I’ve even seen many doctors and nurses giving themselves IV fluids to help them recover from a long shift faster (whether I have participated in this controversial activity I will not say ). Anyway, I’ve always known IV’s were super safe and ultra effective…so why didn’t I think about giving them for beauty and wellness sooner?

To find out if IV infusions could really do more for you than rehydrate you quickly, I wanted a first hand account of their effects. I researched one of the leading IV infusion clinics around the world to see where they were located. Luckily, I found one in Copenhagen and had a friend traveling there the following week who was willing to test it out. Like most of us after visiting Copenhagen – or any major European city for that matter – he was feeling a bit drained after a long weekend. So, with little to no knowledge about what to expect, he walked through those trendy clinic doors to get an IV infusion for recovery before a long flight back to Delhi. In less than 2 hours he called me giddy with childlike excitement. “Why don’t you do these in your clinic?!” he asked, “why isn’t everyone getting these?! I didn’t know there was such a fast-acting cure for a hangover!” His exuberant remarks fully answered the question: is the needlestick worth it? It certainly seemed so.

So what exactly is it about these infusions that makes such a big difference so instantaneously? I had to figure it out. To do this, I channeled my old hospital days as a resident doctor in NYC. What could you add to a bag of Normal Saline IV fluid to boost energy, glow, recovery, and performance? Glutathione I was already using in my clinic for skin lightening and damage reversal. Although I frequently give it via an intramuscular injection, why not give it through an IV instead? Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that reverses free radical damage from pollution and the environment at a cellular level (and who doesn’t need some pollution-damage control after Diwali in Delhi – am I right?). In addition to Glutathione, there were so many other powerful, super-safe ingredients to add to infusions from L -Carnitine for energy, to B12 for weight loss, to zinc for nail and hair strength, to Vitamin C for skin glow. The options were truly endless.

Although all of this sounds great, you may now be wondering: why take vitamins through an IV instead of simply taking a daily, multi-vitamin? If you weren’t convinced you should get an IV infusion yet, the answer to this question will certainly persuade you. When you ingest vitamins orally, only 10-20% of them can be absorbed for use in the body. However, when vitamins are delivered through an IV the absorption rate improves to 90%! Once your body has enough of one vitamin, it will excrete the rest out safely through your kidneys so there is never any need to worry about receiving too much of one vitamin. Fluids through an IV also hydrate you significantly faster and more efficiently than drinking water. This is because Normal Saline (the most common type of IV fluid) is like a super-powered energy drink for your veins. It’s essentially water infused with powerful electrolytes to leave you feeling instantly refreshed.

The above case for IV infusions to promote beauty and wellness is truly indisputable. From faster absorption rates to treatment of endless ailments, they are a versatile way to approach beauty from the inside out – as it should be approached. After doing all of this research (and receiving a “glow” infusion myself while visiting Dubai) I was so captivated by these infusions that I went on to make an infusion “menu” of my own. I contrived this menu through a combination of my medical expertise and substantial research on the topic. If you find yourself in Delhi, you can now find a proprietary menu of infusions in my clinic – Isya Aesthetics. They offer everything from recovery to glow and my patients have been more than thrilled with their results. If you are interested, be sure to check out my Instagram and Facebook accounts to see patient testimonials during and after their infusion. You may even find documentation of me sneaking in an infusion myself prior to a long day of work.

Thanks for reading and stay beautiful everyone! XOXO – Dr. Kiran Lohia