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Difference between Inch Loss and Weight Loss

Difference between Inch Loss and Weight Loss

Difference between Inch Loss and Weight Loss Banner

Inch Loss and Weight Loss: How Are They Different?

Increasing weight is a big concern for the present society. Regular consumption of junk food, lack of sufficient physical activity and sedentary lifestyle are the primary reasons of weight gain. And to address this problem, different people embrace different methods. While some join gym, some others subscribe a diet program and a few others start experimenting with their health, which turns to be detrimental in the long run.

The basic problem lies in lack of awareness about weight loss. Well, there are two different procedures associated with reducing weight, i.e. inch loss treatment and fat loss treatment. And there lie huge differences between the duos.

Inch Loss Procedures

Inch loss procedures involve removal of unwanted fats with the help of non-invasive procedures like Cooltech, Cryolipolysis etc. & invasive technique like liposuction. The aim of the treatment is to reduce the appearance of cellulite by targeting the fat cells.

Weight Loss Procedures

Weight loss procedures are also known as bariatric surgeries. There are different kinds of weight loss treatments like gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectonomy, adjustable gastric band and biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch. All these procedures are done through surgeries and result in significant loss of weight.

So, how is inch and weight loss treatment different from each other?

Basic Difference between Inch Loss and Weight Loss Procedures
Inch loss is the first step towards weight loss. Weight loss is the objective and inch loss is a solution to meet that objective.

Loss of inches might not result in loss of weight. If it so happens, the person is gaining good health and it is a positive sign.

Inch loss is only noticed when the body begins to burn out excess fat from its typical fat deposit locations like hips, thighs, waist and belly. As fat gets released from the body, it automatically results in substantial inch loss. Now, the loss of inch is dependent on various factors such as gender, body shape and metabolism. Therefore, inch loss varies from person to person.

Stepping on a weighing machine, when a person witnesses reduction in the body weight, it is known as weight loss. In other words, it’s simply the loss of weight in terms of the body mass. However, there’s a catch. If a person loses weight without losing inch, it clearly indicates unhealthy weight reduction. It is because when people start doing exercises or adopts any weight loss strategy, inches are sure to reduce from the body. And this loss of inch finally gets reflected in the loss of weight.

Inch loss treatments are non-invasive by nature. On the contrary, weight loss treatments involve surgical procedures.

Inch loss procedures don’t bring any complications. On the other hand, each weight loss technique has potential disadvantages, which is why weight loss methods can be harmful for health.

Due to non-invasive nature and absence of any complication, inch loss treatments are more convenient, flexible and dynamic than the weight loss surgeries.

Which procedure is suitable for whom?

For slighting healthy structures, inch loss is the best option. However, inch loss does not work for pregnant or breast feeding women, those suffering from critical diseases or disorders, the ones having pace makers, cancer patients, prone to or suffering from heart, liver and kidney-related diseases and those consuming medicines that cause photosensitivity.

Very fat or obese people must always go for weight loss treatments. Inch loss can do nothing for the excessively fat deposits.

Important Facts

  • Weight of a person is more genetic. Presence of fat cells comes from the genes.
  • Both diet and exercise make a healthy body structure. So, equal importance should be given to both.
  • Weight loss is a scientific method and only a strategic approach can reduce weight without deteriorating health.
  • Body’s metabolism can be changed through proper diet, workouts and other fat loss methods.
  • Stress is a significant component that pulls up weight. Those prone to high amounts of stress and mental anxiety must meditate regularly.
  • Healthy and sufficient sleep is mandatory for weight loss. It is because while we sleep, our body digests food and maintains proper metabolism and other activities.
  • According to research, those having overweight or obese spouse, are more likely to become the same.