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Baby Botox

Baby Botox
July 23, 2015 Dr. Lohia

Baby Botox, innovated by NY Dermatologist Dr. Kiran Lohia, is the latest treatment to hit New Delhi. Proven to deliver amazing results for glow, fine lines, pores, excess oil production and even acne, Baby Botox is here to stay!

What is Baby Botox?

Baby Botox is Botox homeopathy, so to speak. In homeopathy, the weaker the dilution, the stronger the active. Baby Botox was innovated to reduce the quantity of normal dose Botox, while still delivering results. And, at Isya Aesthetics, we have discovered that Baby Botox can have similar results to full-dose Botox, thereby reducing the risks! And, we can inject wrinkles that we otherwise couldn’t have due to the possible risk of migration with regular Botox.

What Is It Used For?

Baby Botox works for:

Fine lines Wrinkles around the lips
Wrinkles under the eyes Neck wrinkles
Dilated Pores Oily Skin
Acne Glow


What Is The Procedure?

With Baby Botox, we do microdilutions while adding skin-specific actives. Then we gently inject across the face and wherever your concerns are, be they your under eye lines or forehead lines, or your pores, oily skin and acne.

How Many Sittings and How Often Are They Required?

Baby Botox is typically done once every three months, similar to regular Botox. Only one sitting is required each quarter, and results are seen in just a few days!

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